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  • Smith System of Defensive Driving Will Save Lives in Dust Storms

    by Mark Caruso | 2016-09-20 | Firm News

  • Using the Smith System of Defensive Driving Would Save Lives in Dust Storms to Avoid New Mexico Trucking Accidents 

    A large commercial truck driver is required to have CDL, which is a necessary license that requires a significant amount of training, knowledge based tests, skill based tests, and experience.  The goal is to ensure that only the safest and most apt truck drivers are on the roads.  But sometimes a CDL is not enough to keep all of us safe on the roads with large commercial truck drivers.  This is why there is additional training for large commercial truck drivers, such as the Smith System of Defensive Driving, which can help protect others on the roadway.  This is particularly true in dust storms, which challenge even the most experienced of drivers.

    Here at the Mark Caruso, we represent the family of a victim killed in a New Mexico trucking accident during an ongoing dust storm.  Three large commercial trucks continued to go full speed through the ongoing dust storm, and rear ended several passenger vehicles.  This causes a pileup accident, as other vehicles collided with them on the roadway.  Seven people were killed, including our client, but none of the truck drivers were even harmed.  If the trucking drivers had followed the Smith System of Defensive Driving, this accident would not have occurred.  If this sounds like the type of New Mexico trucking accident you or a loved one have been involved in, call us today for a FREE consultation by dialing (505) 883-5000.

    Fundamentals of the Smith System of Defensive Driving

    The Smith System of Defensive Driving helps train truck drivers how to be safer and more prepared drivers for any hazards on the roadway.  This makes the roadways safer for all of us, and helps save lives.  The basics of the Smith System of Defensive Driving includes the following:

    1. Aim High in Steering – this means that drivers should be looking further down the road to see what the traffic looks like and what hazards there are, not just what the roadway right in front of them looks like;
    2. Look for the Big Picture – drivers should always be looking around the front, back, and sides to see what hazards are present and get a full picture of the roadway around them;
    3. Don’t Zone Out – drivers should never stare and zone out, but should constantly be scanning the roadway and moving their eyes;
    4. Leave Yourself an Out – all motorists should have an “out” or safe spot on the road around their vehicle where they can immediately turn to if a hazard pops up;
    5. Make Sure Other Motorists Can See You – accidents happen usually when a motorist fails to see another motorist, so ensuring you are visible and seen is very important to avoiding accidents.

    Using the Smith System in Dust Storms Saves Lives, and Could Have Saved Our Client’s Life

    Dust storms are dangerous because they severely limit a driver’s visibility.  The Smith System trains drivers to use their eyes more and look forward at potential hazards by aiming forward, looking around them, constantly moving their eyes, ensuring other vehicles can see you, and living yourself an out. When a driver cannot do all of these things, the driver should slow down until all of these things can be done safely.

    Thus, if during a dust storm the driver cannot see everything ahead of him or her, the driver should stop or slow down.  This is particularly true of large commercial truck drivers, who can easily case very serious personal injuries in New Mexico trucking accidents.

    Smith System of Safe Driving Can Save Lives in Dust Storms

    If a loved one has been seriously injured or killed in a New Mexico trucking accident, contact the experienced trucking accident attorneys at the Mark Caruso today by dialing (505) 883-5000.  You can also contact us on our website through the easy to use and convenient Contact box located by clicking here.