Commercial Truck Headlight Defects Leading to Trucking Accidents

New Mexico Truck Accidents Caused by Truck Headlight Defects

Most people are aware of common causes of motor vehicle accidents and trucking accidents, such as going over the speed limit, brake failures, substance abuse, tire blowouts, or other factors. One cause of commercial trucking accidents that people don’t often think about is headlight defects. Headlights are so important as they allow not only the truck driver to see, but other drivers and pedestrians on the road. If the lights stop working, truck headlight defects leading to trucking accidents can lead to a serious and catastrophic personal injuries. If you or your loved one was injured in a commercial trucking accident due to a headlight defect, we encourage you to call an experienced trucking accident attorney today who can help you and your loved ones gain the maximum amount of compensation you deserve for your injuries. 

Headlight Defect Dangers

Headlight defects can be incredibly dangerous. Semi tractor trailer drivers operating their trucks without properly functioning headlights put everyone at risk around them, including other motorists and pedestrians, including small children. In fact, if there is a headlight defect that leads to the headlights malfunctioning while the truck driver is on the road, it can lead to an accident causing serious injuries or even wrongful death.

Common Preventable Causes of Headlight Defects or Failures

There are many causes of headlight defects and failures that can lead to trucking accidents, including the following:

  • Failure to perform proper maintenance on the commercial truck
  • Failure in part of the manufacturer to disclose a headlight defect
  • Failure to perform a proper inspection of the truck prior to and after a trip
  • Manufacturer defect

Mechanical Reasons for Headlight Defects

  • Road contaminants – water, dirt, and other contaminants can seep through into the connector part of the headlight, leading to corrosion. With proper use of a sealant, this can be prevented
  • Improper wiring – A wire with too small of a gauge not only can lead to headlight issues, but can lead to a fire. This is a completely preventable mechanical reason for a headlight defect
  • Damage – Physical damage to the bulb can occur if the proper housing is not used to protect the bulb. Additionally, if the proper plastic for the housing is not used, it can be affected by the bulb’s heat
  • Voltage – If the voltage is too high, it can impact the functioning of the voltage. Voltage that is higher than the correct level of voltage can cause the headlight to fail twice as quickly as normal
  • Vibration and shock – Vibration and shock from trips can lead to damage of the headlight. Additionally, this type of damage can occur during loading and unloading of cargo from the truck/trailer

How Our Commercial Truck Light Defect Lawyers Can Help You

If you or your loved one was injured in a commercial trucking accident that was due to a headlight defect, it is vital that you contact and experienced trucking attorney. This is because trucking attorneys understand the causes of accidents like these and know how to properly investigate to determine if the headlight defect that caused your accident was preventable. Additionally, our experienced trucking accident attorneys understand the types of injuries victims typically face from accidents like these and can fight to gain you the maximum amount of compensation possible for your injuries.

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