4 Chicago Residents Killed in New Mexico Auto Accident

On US Highway 54 near Vaughn, New Mexico, four people were killed in a single vehicle accident occurring around 12:30 PM on Saturday.  All four were from Chicago and related to each other.  There were six passengers in the vehicle, plus the driver.  New Mexico State Police believe that the vehicle crossed the centerline and the driver swerved back into the correct lane but lost control and the vehicle went into a roll.  Police said that all passengers were ejected from the vehicle except for the driver who was the only person wearing a seatbelt.  Two passengers and the driver survived.  The other four passengers were pronounced dead at the scene in Guadalupe County, New Mexico.  Police identified these individuals as Francisco Salazar (41), Daniel Salazar (17), Natalie Salazar (10), and Ramon Morales (69).

Our New Mexico auto accident lawyers at the Mark Caruso extend our deepest condolences to this family and their friends.  Learn more about this case and why this Chicago family needs to bring a family in New Mexico in our post available here.

Tragic New Mexico Auto Accident On US 54 Kills 4 Chicago Residents

Multiple news outlets are reporting this horrific accident that killed 4 Chicago residents last weekend.  The driver, Mayda Salazar, sustained non-life threatening injuries in the crash.  She is devastated and rightfully so.  Her post crash interviews are emotional and saddened.  

There are no facts how or what caused the vehicle to cross the centerline before it was pulled back.  Investigators are still trying to determine what caused the vehicle to stray into that oncoming lane.  New Mexico State Police do not believe that drugs or alcohol caused the crash.

Why the Chicago Family Needs a New Mexico Auto Accident Lawyer

The Salazar family was visiting extended family in New Mexico from Chicago.  Even though they will need to make arrangements in Illinois, because the situs of the accident was in New Mexico it is likely that New Mexico law will apply and the family will need a New Mexico auto accident lawyer.  This is because of the “conflict of laws” approach to deciding jurisdiction, which generally in tort claims (personal injury) requires the case to be brought in the state where the claim arose.  This means where the accident occurred.

In this tragic case, the passengers likely have a claim against the driver.  This is because passengers rarely have any culpable fault for a crash, because they were not driving or operating the vehicle.  This is also because a driver exercising reasonable care under the circumstances would not cross the centerline and have to correct back.  This was the cause of the auto crash which leads to a possible conclusion that the driver was reckless, careless, or negligent.  This means that the passengers could collect compensation for their injuries and the family could be entitled to compensation for their wrongful death.

Victims of New Mexico Auto Accidents, Like the Salazars from Chicago, Should Call Our Albuquerque Auto Accident Lawyers for Help

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