New Mexico Trucking Accidents Caused by Unsecured Cargo from a Truck

Injuries Caused by New Mexico Trucking Accidents Caused By Unsecured or Loose Cargo

Throughout the United States, particularly New Mexico, it is clear that commercial trucking is a huge and important business for Americans.  One can barely drive on any roadway without seeing a large commercial truck.  This is especially true on interstates and highways, where the shear number of trucks can make it feel like they outnumber cars.  The reason is that these tractor trailer trucks carry important cargo we use everyday.  This cargo can be very large and significant, including construction materials, lumber, or pallets of goods.

But sometimes these cargos are not properly secured and can cause very serious trucking accidents.  If you or a loved one has been injured in a New Mexico trucking accident caused by an unsecured cargo or load, contact the Mark Caruso by calling (505) 883-5000.  Our experienced New Mexico trucking accident attorneys know how to investigate and represent victims of trucking accidents.  We have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure you get the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to.

Unsecured Cargo Causing New Mexico Trucking Accidents

Trucking companies and truck drivers are responsible for securing their cargo on their tractor trailer prior to entering the public roadway.  Trucking companies and truck drivers are also responsible for knowing the weight of the cargo they are carrying, the weight limitations of their vehicle, and how the weight of their cargo will effect how the tractor trailer needs to be driven.

This is because the cargo weight determines the types of roads that can be used, the type of safety equipment required, the maximum speeds permitted, and the warning and identification signs required.  Any miscue in these calculations can cause a serious trucking accident.

Types of Unsecured Cargo Truck Accidents

When a trucking company or truck driver fails to manage the cargo loads on the tractor trailer, this can lead to very serious motor vehicle accidents.  Some common types of trucking accident caused by unsecured or improperly loaded trucks include the following:

  • Cargo that is not secured or improperly secured coming off the truck;
  • Cargo falling and crushing other vehicles;
  • Cargo shifting and causing the tractor trailer to jackknife;
  • Causing the tractor trailer to be too heavy and making it difficult to stop;
  • Too heavy cargo ripping or popping straps causing it to come off the truck;
  • Heavy cargo causing tires to blowout, explode, or fail;
  • Cargo shifting and causing the tractor trailer to rollover;
  • Heavy cargo making steering or maneuvering the tractor trailer too difficult; and
  • Other incidents where the cargo or load on the tractor trailer causes the accident.

Unsecured Trucking Cargo Can Cause Serious Personal Injuries in a New Mexico Trucking Accident

If a loved one has been seriously injured or killed in a New Mexico trucking accident, contact the experienced unsecured trucking cargo attorneys at the Mark Caruso today by dialing (505) 883-5000.  You can also contact us on our website through the easy to use and convenient Contact box located by clicking here.