Hurt in a New Mexico Car Accident Because Sun in Defendant’s Eyes: Who is Liable?

Who is Liable When One Driver Has Sun in His Eyes and Causes a New Mexico Car Accident?

While nighttime driving is certainly more dangerous than driving during the day, in New Mexico the bright sun can certainly become a contributing factor to a motor vehicle accident.  Indeed, sun glare and bright sun can affect a motorist’s vision while driving.  This is particularly true when looking directly into the sunshine while driving, when when the strong sunshine creates confusing shadows.  This can make driving more dangerous and lead to deadly results.

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Sunshine is Not a Defense in New Mexico Car Accidents

While it may sound like a good defense to a New Mexico car accident, and it can be a common occurrence, it is not a valid excuse.  Motorists owe others on or near the roadway a duty of care.  Part of this duty of care is to exercise a reasonable degree of caution.  This includes seeing what there is to be seen when driving.

If a motorist cannot see where he or she is going because there is sun in his or her eyes, a motorist cannot blindly plow forward on the roadway.  The motorist needs to abate the condition, such as using sun protection like sunglasses or the visor.  Or the motorist needs to stop driving forward until the condition passes.  This may be difficult or inadvisable to do, thus the motorist should proceed with caution as only to what he or she can see.

Therefore, a motorist who cannot see, the sun is in his or her eyes, or there is sun glare on the windshield, may be liable for causing a New Mexico car accident.  This includes any damages caused by the car accident, including personal injuries, pain and suffering, and property damage.

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