Albuquerque Car Accidents From Pulling Out of a Parking Space Without Looking

Serious Albuquerque Car Accidents Can Occur When a Defendant Pulls Out of a Parking Space Without Looking

Most people drive a motor vehicle every day, and for the most part it is not too difficult.  Although there are a lot of hazards for motorists to avoid, such as oncoming vehicles, vehicles in the other lanes, and pedestrians, to just name a few.  Yet, there are still a lot of motor vehicle accidents which occur every day.  One of the most common places for a motor vehicle accident is on a narrow road or in a parking lot.  This is because parked vehicles sometimes fail to look before pulling out of a parking spot.  If there is an oncoming vehicle, this can result in a very serious collision causing serious Personal injuries or death.

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New Mexico Law Requires Parked Vehicles to Only Move When It Can Be Done Safely

It sounds like common sense, but a parked vehicle should only be moved when it is safe.  Under common law, or judge-made law, failure to operate a motor vehicle in a reasonably safe manner which causes personal injuries is negligent.  The negligent driver will be liable for the injuries of the victims.

Under New Mexico statutory law, NM Stat. 66-7-324 governs starting a parked vehicle, and provides that “[n]o person shall start a vehicle which is stopped, standing or parked unless and until such movement can be made with reasonable safety.”   If a motorist violates this statute and causes an Albuquerque car accident, it can result in serious personal injuries.  The violator will be liable for those personal injuries under the legal doctrine of negligence per se, which automatically makes a finding of negligence.

Examples of Improperly Starting a Parked Which is a Violation of New Mexico Law and Negligence Per Se

Some common examples of improperly starting a parked car which causes an Albuquerque car accident causing personal injuries are in parking lots.  When motorists back out without looking for oncoming traffic or vehicles behind them is a serious type of motor vehicle accident.  Another common example is parking along a main road and a parked vehicle parked out of a parallel parking spot or angled spot into fast-moving traffic.  This can cause significant damage to both vehicles and the occupants inside.

Albuquerque Car Accidents Caused by Pulling out of Parking Spots Without Looking

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