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Farmington, New Mexico is the largest city in San Juan County with over 45,000 residents as of the US Census in 2011. The area was first settled by the Ancestral Pueblo people back in the 7th Century and ruins can still be found at the nearby Aztec Runs and Salmon Ruins.

The area was largely unsettled until the late 19th century when a number of settlers from Southern Colorado moved into the area. The area eventually earned the nickname “Junction City” because it provided settlers with access to three rivers.

A History of Being a Commercial Hub

In the mid-20th century Farmington was connected to US Route 66 and Albuquerque. Eventually three important highways – US Highway 64, US Highway 550 and New Mexico Highway 371 – were constructed nearby. The area has gradually transformed into a commercial hub for most of northwestern New Mexico as well as the Four Corners region of the four states.

New Mexico: A State with Challenging Terrain

Residents of New Mexico are familiar with the challenges which one may encounter when driving on our roads. Because of the of the low desert plains, high elevations and extreme climate differences across our state, it is not uncommon for a driver to find themselves carefully navigating through a snow storm while then needing to crank the air conditioner in that very same hour.

Out of state drivers are often caught off-guard by our ever changing road conditions. But these features are a dangerous hazard when an 18-wheeler is involved.

The New Mexico Department of Transportation Annual Traffic Crash Report shows that:

  • Heavy trucks were involved in nearly 1,900 crashes in our state in 2013
  • There were 47 fatalities involving heavy trucks in 2013
  • Heavy trucks account for less than 5% of all crashes in New Mexico, however they accounted for 15% of traffic deaths in 2013

What is even more frightening is that truck crash fatalities are on the rise. According to the report, there was a 50% increase in truck crash fatalities between 2009 and 2013.

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