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Lifetime Costs of Paralysis: Explained by Albuquerque Auto Accident Lawyer

Not only is paralysis an incredibly debilitating and disabling injury, it is also a very costly one.  The lifetime costs of paralysis are astronomical.  Combined with the fact that a victim is less able to work and earn money, any type of paralysis injury burns the preverbal wick at both ends: increases your costs and decreases your income.  If you have been injured in a New Mexico auto accident and suffered a paralyzing injury, even if an incomplete or partial paralysis, you may be entitled to lifetime costs and compensation.  Ask our experienced Albuquerque auto accident lawyers at the Caruso Law Offices, P.C. how we can help you today.

Spinal Cord Injuries after a New Mexico Auto Accident

Spinal cord injuries are some of the most complex and debilitating injuries that a victim of a New Mexico auto accident could sustain.  This is why you need an experienced Albuquerque auto accident lawyer to protect your rights to compensation following any type of spinal cord injury.  Learn about the types of spinal cord injuries and how they can affect a victim in the personal injury post from the Caruso Law Offices, P.C. available here.

Back Surgery after New Mexico 18 Wheeler Wreck

New Mexico 18 Wheeler Wreck Resulting in Back Surgery

Victims of a New Mexico 18 wheeler wreck are likely to suffer very serious personal injuries. Many times these box truck crashes will require complicated and complex surgeries to repair the extensive damage done by these big rigs. Back surgery is one of the more involved types of surgeries that a person could need to undergo. Not only is it incredibly painful and debilitating, but it could result in a lifetime of restricted range of motion and weight-carrying rules. Patients may be out of work for weeks or even months while they are recovering from their back surgery.

Paralysis After New Mexico 18 Wheeler Wreck

New Mexico 18 Wheeler Wreck Causing Paralysis: Albuquerque Trucking Accident Lawyer Explains

Paralysis is a very debilitating injury which a victim of a New Mexico 18 wheeler wreck could suffer. There are two main ways that paralysis could affect a person. One way that it could affect a person is by resulting in a loss of sensation and feeling. The second way is that paralysis could result in a loss of function and movement. Indeed, a big rig crash could cause paralysis or paralyzing injuries with very little force. This is because, due to their large size and heavy weight, a large commercial vehicle such as a big rig can still generate significant momentum even at a low speed. This force is enough to permanent damage the spinal cord or injure the brain to cause paralysis.

Spinal Cord Injuries After a Rear End Albuquerque Truck Crash

Rear End Albuquerque Truck Crash Causing Spinal Cord Injuries

Your spinal cord is one of the most important structures in your body that most people do not consider until they have an injury. This is the longest segment of your central nervous system, and originates at the base of your brain/skull and extends down into your lumbar back (lower back). This is the major signal highway between your peripheral nerves and your brain. Your spinal cord is encased in a column of hardened bone which is meant to protect it from the most powerful of impacts. Unfortunately, even a low speed rear end Albuquerque truck crash could result in significant injury to your spinal cord. This could be due to a whiplash injury, or the sheer impact of a heavy 18 wheeler. Coupled with the fact that a rear end auto accident places undue stress on the spine, when a large big rig is involved the likelihood of serious injury if high.


18 Wheeler Wreck Resulting in Cervical Fusion and Neck Surgery: Albuquerque Trucking Accident Lawyer

In any type of motor vehicle collision, your neck and spine is very vulnerable to injury. Even with the best safety equipment such as side-impact curtains, strong seatbelts, and contouring seats, your back is still very vulnerable to serious injury. This is especially true of your neck, which is the cervical portion of your spine, and is always susceptible to whiplash injuries. It should be no surprise that 18 wheeler wrecks are more likely to cause significant harm to your neck and cervical spine. One such injury that our Albuquerque trucking accident lawyer frequently sees is a cervical fusion, which is type of surgery with devastating and debilitating effects.


Types of Spinal Cord Injuries from New Mexico 18 Wheeler Wrecks

A large commercial truck like an 18 wheeler, box truck, semi tractor trailer, big rig, tanker, or other large truck can cause significant injury in even low speed collisions. A common injury is a spinal cord injury, which is common in both high speed and low speed collisions. This is because the spine is very vulnerable in a collision to the violent back-and-forth movement of the impact, commonly referred to as a whiplash effect causing a whiplash injury. But some spinal cord injuries include direct trauma to the spine such as due to rollover, penetration of debris, or crushing injuries. Victims of New Mexico 18 wheeler wrecks who suffer a spinal cord injury should call our Albuquerque trucking accident attorney to learn their rights.


Spinal Cord and Back Injuries Caused by Serious New Mexico Trucking Accidents

Some of the worst injuries that victims of New Mexico trucking accidents can sustain are spinal cord and back injuries. A person's entire daily customary activities may be affected by a back injury or spinal cord injury. This includes everything from standing, walking, and carrying objects, to even brushing teeth or combing hair; everything that you do is related to your back. When the injuries to a person's back are so severe that they result in catastrophic injuries like spinal cord injuries, victims should contact our Albuquerque trucking accident lawyer.

Spinal Cord Injuries in Sideswipe New Mexico Trucking Accidents

Sideswipe New Mexico Trucking Accidents Causing Spinal Cord Injuries

All trucking accidents can cause serous personal injuries. But sideswipe trucking accidents can cause serious spinal cord injuries which result in permanent and debilitating damage. This is due to the application of force being on a glancing or lateral movement. While motor vehicles are rated for head on, rear end, and side impact collisions, many are not rated for sideswipe crashes. These types of crashes can violently shake, twist, or rotate a motor vehicle and the passengers seat belted inside.


Albuquerque Trucking Accidents Causing Spinal Cord Injuries to Children

Large commercial trucks are heavy, oversized vehicles that can create catastrophic damage to victims in the event of a collision. Children are particularly susceptible to injuries in a trucking wreck. This is because their bodies have not yet fully developed, and their bones have not yet hardened to the extent necessary to fully protect them from such an intense impact. Further, they may be unable to remove themselves from the wreckage. One consequence of a trucking collision may be damage to a child's spinal cord, which serves several critical functions in the body. If your child has suffered a spinal cord injury as the result of a trucking accident, contact an Albuquerque trucking accident lawyer to find out about your legal rights moving forward.

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