Wide Turns Causing New Mexico Trucking Accidents

Large commercial trucks like big rigs, tankers, semi tractor trailers, double trailers, and other box trucks require additional space to maneuver.  This is obvious given their large size.  One of the most common maneuvers that big rigs need additional space to maneuver are turns.  This is why many large trucks make a looping turn which starts in the opposite direction of the turn and then loops back to the turning side.  This wide turn allows the truck’s trailer to clear whatever curb or edge there is on the roadway.  But with wider turns comes greater margins for error and the possibility for a collision.  If you or a loved one have been injured in a New Mexico trucking accident due to wide turns, please ask our Albuquerque trucking accident lawyers for a FREE case review.

Why are Wide Turns by Trucks Dangerous

When a large truck is making a wide turn, it is dangerous for several reasons.  First, the truck making a wide turn may cross the centerline of the road and block or collide with oncoming traffic.  Second, the truck making a wide turn may take longer to complete the maneuver which means vehicles behind the truck will have to stop to avoid a collision.  Third and finally, wide turns by trucks are dangerous because if the truck driver takes the turn too fast the truck may flipped, tip, or rollover.  

In addition, while wide turns by trucks are generally safe, many truck drivers may fail to properly make the turn in the first place.  This means that they could clip other vehicles or collide with people on or near the sidewalk.  Dangers in making improper turns also could cause serious personal injuries or wrongful death if a truck flips over.

Liability When Trucks Flip Over

If a large commercial vehicle causes injuries during a wide turn, it could be a difficult liability case in certain circumstances.  Cases involving intersections usually involve a he said-she said argument.  This means that intersection crashes need to be proven who is at fault using the law.  This is known as liability.

Generally speaking, a vehicle making a left turn is going to be at fault for a collision because vehicles turning left yield to all oncoming traffic.  If a truck makes a wide turn and crosses the centerline, that too can result in liability because New Mexico vehicle and traffic law requires all vehicles to stay on the right side of the road.  Finally, any vehicle making a wide turn that jumps the curb, hits a pedestrian, or hits a parked vehicle or stopped vehicle is likely to be at fault for the collision.

Wide Turn Trucking Accidents Deserve Our Care and Attention

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