Why Tanker Trucks Are So Dangerous in New Mexico Trucking Crashes

Tanker Truckers Poise Unique Dangers and Are Very Dangerous in New Mexico Trucking Crashes

All large commercial trucks are very dangerous, including 18 wheelers, semis, double trailers, flatbeds, tandems, tractor trailers, and other trucks.  But some of the most dangerous commercial trucks are tanker trucks—particularly those carrying liquids.  Why?  Think about a gallon of milk.  This weighs about 9 pounds.  The average tanker truck can hold 9,000 gallons.  This weighs about 81,000 pounds.  Combine that with the fast speed on an interstate, along with the heavy steel tanker, engine, wheels, and other parts, and you have a lot of momentum of force which must be dispersed on a collision.

Not to mention that upon that collision, there is a chance that the liquid being transported could rupture.  If that liquid is caustic like an acid, it could cause very serious injuries to victims sprayed with it in a collision.  If that liquid is flammable, it could result in an excruciating and incredibly painful death due to fire.

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Tanker Trucks Crashes in New Mexico: Two Dangers to Know

The first danger in a New Mexico tanker crash is the collision itself.  The sheer force of impact in any motor vehicle crash is dangerous.  But in tanker crashes, the speed and weight can result in catastrophic injuries.  The result can be completely devastating to a victim and his or her family.  Any trauma as a result of the impact will leave serious damage.

The second danger in a New Mexico tanker wreck is what it was carrying, the load.  Even a load of just water can present very serious dangerous, including drowning victims who are trapped in a vehicle.  But the real danger is when the load is something more deadly like acids, chemicals, or gasoline.  All of these can cause very serious burning injuries on their own, and when there is combustion the fire can be even more deadly and result in fire injuries.

Tanker Truck Crashes in New Mexico Are Very Deadly and Dangerous

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