Why Are New Mexico Trucking Accidents on Interstates so Deadly?

New Mexico Trucking Accident Attorneys Explain Why Trucking Accidents on Interstates are So Deadly

All trucking accidents are dangerous and can easily be deadly.  Even if they are just bumper taps or at low speeds, commercial trucks and semis can cause serious personal injuries.  Some of the most dangerous types of trucking accidents occur on the interstates and highways around New Mexico.  This is because of the sheer weight and speed of these large commercial vehicles traveling on these roadways.  This generate significant momentum.  When a tractor trailer, semi, or commercial truck collides with any other object, such as a passenger vehicle, this momentum is transferred and disbursed through that object.  This creates catastrophic damage.

Approximately two years ago, this occurred on Interstate 10 when three tractor trailers and commercial trucks rear-ended three passenger vehicles.  This resulted in a pileup accident and caused a fire.  The occupants of the passenger vehicles were all killed in the fire, while the truck drivers walked away without serious injury.

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Speed Kills on Interstates and Highways: Reasons Why Fast Speed Creates Additional Danger

Interstates and highways are some of the most dangerous types of roads a motorist can travel on.  This is because these roadways have high speed limits.  The faster a vehicle goes, the more momentum and force it will have.  Speed also reduces reaction time but increases stopping time.  This is a deadly combination.

Tractor trailers, semis, and large commercial vehicles are particularly dangerous on interstates and highways for this reason.  The truck driver’s reaction time is reduced just like any other motorist.  However, the truck driver’s stopping time is significantly increased much more than any other vehicle.  This is because tractor trailers, semis, and large commercial trucks weigh more than other vehicles.  This makes stopping a large truck more difficult and it takes more time than other vehicles.

Trucks are Inherently Deadly on Interstates and Highways

Therefore, tractor trailers, semis, and large commercial trucks traveling on interstates and highways all possess the dangerous elements for causing serious motor vehicle accidents.  They are big and heavy, effectively battering rams.  They are moving fast on the interstate and highway, reducing reaction time and increasing stopping time.  And they are more difficult to maneuver and stop to avoid hazards on the roadways, including families in passenger vehicles.  Interstate trucking accidents are dangerous and deadly.

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