Why are Albuquerque Trucking Accidents So Dangerous?

Understanding Why Albuquerque Trucking Accidents Are So Deadly: Albuquerque Trucking Accident Attorney Explains

Tractor trailers, semis, and other big trucks are simply larger and heavier when compared to other vehicles on the roadways.  On interstates and highways, their high speed combined with their heavy weight makes tractor trailers, semis, and other big trucks have significant momentum.  If a tractor trailer, semi, or other big truck collides with something, that momentum and energy will be dispersed into whatever it hits.  If that is a smaller passenger car, the occupants of that vehicle will sustain serious injuries or death.

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Reasons Why Trucks Are So Dangerous and Cause Serious Personal Injuries 

In addition to their sheer size and weight, which are the main reasons why tractor trailers, semis, and other trucks are so dangerous, there are several other reasons why these types of trucks are so dangerous.  These include the following reasons:

Increased Stopping time – Due to their large size and heavy weight, trucks simply require more stopping time.  The faster the truck is going, the more stopping time is required.  This is particularly true on the interstate or highway.  Rain or other inclement weather on the roadway will further increase stopping time.  If the driver is not paying attention or is too slow to stop, this can cause a serious motor vehicle accident.  A common type of accident due to a truck failing to stop on time is a rear end collision, which can cause catastrophic damage to a small passenger vehicle.

Blind Spots – Like other vehicles on the road, all trucks have blind spots.  However, due to their sheer size, these blind spots can be significant.  Smaller passenger vehicles or motorcycles can be easily hidden in these blind spots.  This is dangerous because a truck driver may attempt to perform a maneuver without knowing what other vehicles are around him or her, which may cause a serious accident.

Maneuverability – Unlike smaller vehicles like passenger cars or motorcycles, large tractor trailers, semis, and other big trucks have limited mobility and maneuverability.  It is just simply tougher for these large vehicles to maneuver in smaller areas or around curves.  On the interstate or highway, this limited maneuverability can be dangerous if some lanes are closed due to another accident or construction.

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