Who is Responsible for my Albuquerque Auto Accident Injuries?

Paying for Injuries and Bills: Who is Responsible for my Albuquerque Auto Accident Damages?

If you are injured in an Albuquerque auto accident, it could be frustrating, confusing, and emotionally overwhelming.  This is normal.  Especially if you have very serious injuries from the car wrecks.  Individuals involved in catastrophic motor vehicle accidents needs to know that they have rights to protect and may be entitled to compensation for their injuries (pain and suffering), medical bills, and lost wages.  But often times individuals who are hurt may not know who is responsible for the crash and who is liable to pay these damages.

When you are involved in a bad car accident, don’t panic but call our law firm to help you.  Here at the Mark Caruso, we handled serious Albuquerque auto accidents which resulted in catastrophic injuries.  We will investigate to determine who is responsible for your crash and who should be liable to pay for your damages.  We will work hard with you and your family to ensure that your rights are protected.  Call us today for a FREE appointment by dialing (505) 883-5000.

Who is Responsible for my Albuquerque Auto Accident?

After a serious car crash, there could be multiple parties who may be liable.  The most obvious is the other driver who caused the collision.  But there are other parties and entities who may be liable for a motor vehicle wreck which causes your injuries.  These parties and entities include the following:

•The other driver – this is commonly the most likely and most obvious answer;

•The owner of the other vehicle, if not the same person as the driver – this is because an owner may be liable for allowing or permitting another to drive his or her vehicle, or liable for mechanical defects in his or her vehicle;

•Parents who entrust their vehicle to their children;

•Business owners or businesses that allow their employees to driver their vehicles;

•State or municipality entities for the construction of the road, roadway markings or signs, and other factors concerning the road;

•Passengers in motor vehicles that cause distractions or actually grab the wheel; and

•Possibly others.

In addition, the other party or parties and their insurance may even blame YOU for the motor vehicle accident.  They may say that you are responsible for the crash and should have to pay a portion of the damages.  This is very common and known as comparative fault.  Unfortunately, your own insurance company may also try to blame you for comparative fault and try to get you to pay for it or reduce your amount.

What Could I Recover?

After an Albuquerque auto accident, you may recover “damages” which are related to the subject motor vehicle accident.  This means that the damages you sustained, like pain and suffering, injuries, medical bills, lost wages, lost earnings, property damage, and other expenses are all a direct result from the crash.  Another way of saying that is, but for the subject car crash, I would not have had to go to the doctor, lose time from work, or have this injury.  If you can agree with that statement, you are likely going to be able to recover damages.

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