When Large Commercial Trucks Fail to Stop, Victims Get Killed in New Mexico Trucking Wrecks

New Mexico Trucking Wrecks Caused by Large Commercial Trucks That Fail to Stop

Green means go, and red means stop—simple right?  Unfortunately that is not always true.  Far too many motor vehicle crashes occur each year where a defendant fails to stop at a red light, stop sign, yield, or other traffic control device or sign.  When one vehicle has the green to go and the other vehicle runs through the red to stop, the results can be catastrophic.  This is magnified when that vehicle that failed to stop is a large commercial truck such as an 18 wheeler, tanker, tandem trailer, tractor trailer, double trailer, bus, flatbed, or other large truck.

Victims of New Mexico trucking crashes where the defendant failed to stop at a stop sign, red light, or other traffic control device may be entitled to compensation for his or her injuries.  This includes medical bills, property damage, pain and suffering, lost wages, lost earnings, and other expenses.  The experienced Albuquerque trucking crash lawyers at the Mark Caruso, know how to handle these types of serious accidents and get victims the maximum compensation they may be entitled to.

When Large Commercial Trucks Fail to Stop: Common Instances to Guard Against

The most obvious time when a truck fails to stop and it causes a serious personal injury accident is at a red light.  Most people think of this type of crash when they think of a motor vehicle crash.  That is, a crash at an intersection when one car runs a red light.  But when this happens with a large commercial truck, the other vehicle is likely completely destroyed into a heap of twisted metal.  Occupants of that smaller, passenger vehicle are often very seriously injured or killed.

Another obvious time is when a large commercial truck runs a stop sign.  Like a red light, this is a common scenario which also results in horrific injuries and catastrophic impacts which likely kill the occupants of the smaller, passenger vehicle.

Failing to yield is another instance when large commercial trucks fail to stop and causes serious New Mexico trucking crashes.  Common places where large commercial trucks fail to yield include at posted yield signs, but also on roundabouts, merging onto the highway or interstate, or at four-way stops.  When a large commercial truck does not have the right of way and causes the crash, it can result in serious personal injuries and even death.

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