What is Hypovolemic Shock and Why is it Common in New Mexico Trucking Accidents

New Mexico Interstate Trucking Accidents Cause Serious Injuries Resulting in Hypovolemic Shock: But What is it and Why Does it Happen?

All motor vehicle accidents run the risk of causing hypovolemic shock.  This is particularly true of trucking accidents involving large commercial trucks such as 18-wheelers, tankers, flatbeds, tandem trailers, and other trucks—especially when these trucking accidents occur on the highway or interstate such as Interstate 25, Interstate 40, or Interstate 10.

What is Hypovolemic Shock?

Also known as hemorrhagic shock, hypovolemic shock is when an individual loses more than 20 perfect (20%) of his or her body’s blood or fluid supply.  Because of the loss of approximately one-fifth (1/5) of the body’s blood, the pressure is so low that the severe fluid loss makes it impossible for the heart to pump blood throughout your body.

When this occurs, your body goes into shock and can lead to multiple organ failure.  Essentially, this is when your body has bleed too much and your heart can no longer beat.  This is why it is necessary to get all bleeding under control immediately.

Why Hypovolemic Shock Occurs in New Mexico Trucking Accidents

It should be clear why high-speed New Mexico trucking accidents can lead to hypovolemic shock.  These collisions result in twisted and splinter steel which can tear right through a body.  If medical attention is not immediately rendered to present excessive bleeding, a victim can quickly succumb to his or her injuries.  While possible in a lot of other situations such as motorcycle accidents or car accidents, interstate trucking accidents are very likely to lead to uncontrollable bleeding.

Another common reason why hypovolemic shock is common in New Mexico trucking accidents on interstates is because of the lack of medical assistance or delay in getting medical attention.  Many of the serious trucking accidents occur out in stretches of road that do not have immediate access to first responders.  It may take a long time to go and get help or have help arrive.  If there are very serious injuries caused by an interstate trucking accident, it can end up causing fatal injuries.

Uncontrolled Bleeding in New Mexico Trucking Accidents are Common and Result in Wrongful Death Cases

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