Vision Problems After TBIs from Auto Accidents: Albuquerque Auto Accident Lawyer

Albuquerque Auto Accident Lawyer Explains Vision Problems After TBIs from New Mexico Auto Accidents

Your brain is a very complex organ.  There are several different parts, or lobes, of your brain.  Each lobe governs a different part of your brain, and has a different function.  As an Albuquerque auto accident lawyer, I know that when your brain suffers a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, one or more lobes could be seriously injured or impaired.  This may affect the functioning of the brain.  One of the hyper-focused parts of your brain is the occipital lobe.  This part of your brain just governs your eyes, vision, and processing images.  It is critical and highly specialized.  This is why a TBI to your occipital lobe from a New Mexico auto accident could result in permeant and debilitating damage to your vision.

But the extent of damage caused by the TBI could affect the brain differently in each person.  This depends on the exact location and severity of the injury.  Extremely severe injuries could result in horrific personal debilitations and even a wrongful death.  In the case of occipital lobe injury, a person’s vision could be permanently affected.  This is why if you have offered a TBI and suffer some vision impairment, you should call the Mark Caruso to schedule a FREE consultation with our Albuquerque auto accident lawyer.  Call (505) 883-5000 to schedule your appointment today!

What is the Occipital Lobe?

The occipital lobe is located in the back of your brain.  It governs your visual perception system.  Meaning it helps to translate the lights and colors that you see into images.  Two optical nerves extend to and from the occipital lobe to the back of the eye.  This is what sends these images to the brain.  Damage to the occipital lobe and impair the sending of messages from the eyes to the brain, damage could affect how the occipital lobe deciphers those images, and damage could affect how your occipital lobe sends images to other parts of your brain such as for memory storage.

Injuries to the Occipital Lobe from a TBI

Even minor brain injuries could result in major impairments to the occipital lobe.  In fact, vision problems are a common cause in any motor vehicle accident.  This is particularly true in impacts causing a coup contre-coup brain injury, which is where the brain slides to the front and back of your skull after a collision.  Some common injuries to the occipital lobe after a TBI in an auto accident include the following:

  • Visual acuity loss – this is the clarity of the images and the focus;
  • Visual field loss – this is a limitation or restriction of the visual field;
  • Optic nerve injuries – affecting how signals are sent;
  • Actual tissue damage to the occipital lobe;
  • Loss of vision;
  • Loss of certain colors or shades;
  • Difficulty seeing shades;
  • Sensitivity in the light;
  • Double vision;
  • Partial blindness;
  • Total blindness; and
  • Other vision issues.

Injured in a New Mexico Auto Accident Causing a TBI t the Occipital Lobe?  Ask Our Albuquerque Auto Accident Lawyer for Help

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