Types of New Mexico Auto Accidents and Common Injuries From Them

Understanding New Mexico Auto Accidents: Types of Car Crashes and Common Injuries From those Crashes

There are many possible different types of New Mexico auto accidents.  With them, different types of injuries could happen.  It is important to know the common types of injuries associated with a specific type of car crash for several reasons.  First, some injuries are not immediately apparent.  This is especially true of brain injuries, which cannot be found by looking at an x-ray.  Second, the direction of the force on your body in a certain crash could cause injuries that another type of crash would not.  This is important to understand to prove causation, meaning that the auto crash was the cause of the injury as opposed to a slip and fall or other event that the defense will try to argue.  Lastly, understanding how you were injured may also dictate how you are treated by a doctor both now and in the future.

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Types of New Mexico Auto Accidents and Related Injuries 

There are many different types of auto accidents which could occur, of which there could be a myriad of injuries caused.  Some of the most common types of crashes and injuries includes the following:

  • Head on collisions – this type of collision can cause very serious injuries and usually the worst type of injuries because there are two opposite forces colliding together.  The most common type of injury may be a traumatic brain injury or TBI.  These types of injuries are not always observable right away, and can manifest themselves with injuries such as headaches, forgetfulness, and even memory issues.  Anyone in a head on collision should be evaluated for head injuries.
  • Rear end collisions – this type of collision most commonly results in whiplash and back injuries.  This is because the force of impact will cause the head to whip forward and then violently backwards.  This will damage and tear tissue as well as injury disc and vertebrae.
  • T-bone crashes – when another vehicle hits the side of a vehicle head on, it is known as a t-bone crash.  This type of crash will result in significant injuries to the occupants of the vehicle hit on the side.  The most common type of injury is significant trauma resulting in an amputation.  This is because there is only a thin wall between the victim and the other car, which can cause extreme damage.
  • Sideswipe accidents – This type of crash can cause head and neck injuries due to whiplash, but it can also cause seatbelt injuries given the way the car will shake upon impact.

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