Truck Crash Statistics to Know: Albuquerque Trucking Accident Attorney Shares Scary Stats!

Shocking Trucking Accident Statistics You Must Know and Share with Loved Ones

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute just released horrifying and shocking statistics regarding trucking accidents.  Here at the Mark Caruso, we know how dangerous trucking accidents can be but most of our clients are surprised when they are involved in one.  Our experienced Albuquerque trucking accident attorneys have handled many trucking crash cases, even simple bumper taps, which have resulted in permanent and life-threatening injuries.  Unfortunately, many people have also been killed in these types of truck crashes.

Here are some findings from the study and comments from our law office:

Most deaths in large truck crashes are the occupants of passenger vehicles.  It seems like almost every trucking accident case involves a family in a passenger car being serious injured or killed while a truck driver walks away with minor injuries, if any.  According to the statistics, 69% of the people killed in a truck crash were the occupants of other vehicles—not the large truck.  There were 3,852 fatalities in trucking crashes, which equates to 10.5 people killed each day.

This is because commercial trucks such as big rigs, 18 wheelers, tankers, flatbeds, tandem trailers, semi trucks, and other large trucks tower over smaller passenger cars placing the truck driver higher up and out of danger, but lining up the passenger occupants with the large tires or engine block.  Large trucks also have significant momentum due to their large size and heavy weight, which sends powerful shockwaves through passenger vehicles causing serious injuries.  Simply put, the occupants of the passenger vehicle are more vulnerable.

Truck braking capacity can be a factor in causing truck crashes.  Given their large size and heavy weight, large commercial trucks can take 20 to 40 percent farther than other vehicles to come to a stop.  This distance is magnified on fast roads such as interstates I-40, I-25, and I-10 going through New Mexico, or during dust storms or on wet roads.  If a truck’s brakes are poorly maintained, they can cause even longer stopping distances.  Rear end truck crashes can easily result in the wrongful death of an innocent person.

Truck driver fatigues is a known crash risk, and a serious contributing factor.  Even though federal regulations have hours of services requirements, many trucking companies and truck drivers push the limits and even forge their service logs.  Many drivers use caffeine supplements or even illegal drugs to help them stay away while driving, which can obviously add to the risk.

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