Tractor Trailer Unhitch Accidents in New Mexico

Large commercial trucks are generally in two parts.  The cabin is where the truck driver operates the vehicle.  This is the cockpit of the truck with the steering wheel and brakes.  The second part is the trailer bed, or the part of the truck for the cargo.  Some trucks have two trailer beds for extra cargo.  Some states even allow triple trailers.  The trailers are connected to the cabin and the other trailers by a hitch.  This hitch is what keeps them connected.  However, defects in the hitch, improper maintenance, and improperly hitching the trucks can result in tractor trailer unhitch accidents in New Mexico.  Learn more about this type of crash and serious personal injuries.

Liability for Tractor Trailer Unhitch Accidents in New Mexico

When the hitch of a tractor trailer fails, there are several possible people or entities that are responsible.  The most obvious is the truck driver.  Truck drivers must inspect their vehicles and ensure it is roadworthy.  This includes the trailers to ensure that they are properly connected and hitched.  The failure to do so means the truck driver may be liable.

The next most obvious entity is the trucking company.  Of course, the truck company may have liability when either their truck driver fails to properly hitch the truck or where the trucking company’s other employees fail to properly secure the trailer.  An unhitch accident is a serious accident and the trucking company will be responsible for that outcome.

Finally, the hitch manufacturer may also be liable for a tractor trailer unhitch accident in New Mexico because of the way the hitch was made.  This could be due to unintended defects, poor quality control, or other hidden defects.


Causes of Tractor Trailer Unhitch Accidents

There are many possible causes of New Mexico tractor trailer unhitch accidents.  These are very dangerous and often deadly types of trucking accidents because a heavy trailer, double trailer, or even a triple trailer could because a battering ram on a highway or interstate.  There are many possible causes, which include some of the following:

  • Truck driver error in hitching the trailer;
  • Speeding;
  • Hard turns;
  • Mechanical errors;
  • Failing to guard against the inclement weather;
  • Merge and lane change errors;
  • Swerving at the last minute; and
  • Many other conditions.

Victims of New Mexico Tractor Trailer Unhitch Accidents Should Ask Our Albuquerque Trucking Accident Lawyers for Help

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