Three Causes of New Mexico Interstate Trucking Accidents Caused by Defective Equipment

Defective Equipment Can Cause Serious New Mexico Interstate Trucking Accidents: Three Common Causes to Know

Large commercial trucks are always dangerous.  At any speed and on any road.  However, they are most dangerous on interstates such as I-10, I-25, or I-40.  These are some of the busiest interstates in the entire country used by some of the largest trucking companies such as Estes, Schneider, and FedEx.  Everything on the truck must be in excellent condition while traveling on an interstate, otherwise a part prone to fail will fail and it will cause serious personal injuries or death.

Here at the Mark Caruso, our experienced New Mexico trucking accident attorneys know that there are many causes of interstate trucking accidents which result from mechanical defects rather than driver error.  Nonetheless, the truck driver and trucking company will still be liable if these defects result in the serious personal injuries of a victim.  Find out how we can help protect your rights by dialing (505) 883-5000 for a FREE consultation.

Three Common Causes of Technical Defects Which Cause New Mexico Trucking Accidents

There are many different causes of New Mexico interstate trucking accidents.  But mechanically speaking, there are three common defects which you need to be aware of.  These generally are caused by the negligence of the trucking company or truck driver, and can help prove your case to get you compensation for your injuries.  These three causes include the following:

1). Faulty brakes – whether the brake pads are not properly maintained, the brake lines are worn, or the mechanical parts are defective, non-functioning brakes are a serious problem which can result in serious trucking accidents.  These can easily cause personal injuries or death of a victim as the full force and momentum of a large commercial truck could continue forward without slowing.  Faulty brakes are almost always avoidable with the proper inspection, and drivers should be inspecting their brakes regularly.

2). Defective tires – large commercial trucks have something most other vehicles do not have—lots of tires!  While this is to help balance the trailer and support the large cargo, this is also to help maneuver the truck, increase its friction, and increase its ability to pull forward.  But even just one defective tire can completely unbalance a truck, especially at high speeds on an interstates.  Moreover, a defective tire can also fling debris at other vehicles on the interstate moving at fast speeds.  This can great both obstacles on the road and dangerous rubber missiles on the road.

3) Broken steering column/wheel – the ability to steer any vehicle is crucial in the safe operation of the vehicle.  This is especially true for a large commercial truck traveling at over 75 MPH on an interstate.  A broken steering column or wheel is something that occurs due to improper or non-existent maintenance.  Regular care and upkeep of a truck will prevent any such defect, but neglect will easily result in the dangerous wear and tear on a steering column.

New Mexico Interstate Trucking Accidents Resulting from These Three Common Causes can Result in Liability

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