Spinal Fusions Caused by Albuquerque Trucking Accidents

Albuquerque Trucking Accidents Can Cause Serious Back Injuries Resulting in Spinal Fusions

Motor vehicle accidents can result in massive and damaging collisions causing serious harm to the occupants.  Albuquerque trucking accidents are one of these types of motor vehicle accidents which almost always result in massive impacts and devastating injuries.  Frequently collisions of this magnitude affect a person’s spine and cause permanent damage.  The spine is very resilient and comprised of sturdy bones protecting the spinal cord, but it is still very susceptible to certain motions like the violent back and forth motion of whiplash accidents.  In fact, very severe impacts causing whiplash injuries can permanently damage the spine, vertebrae, discs, and nerves.

Unfortunately, sometimes the only treatment for the pain is to fuse the spine to prevent it from moving and irritating the nerves causing the debilitating pain.  This treatment is invasive and permanent, limiting a victim’s range of motion and affecting a victim’s entire life.  Other surgeries may be required to fuse additional sections and further limit the range of motion.  All fusion surgeries are risky because the surgeon is working within centimeters of the spinal cord.

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Spinal Fusion Surgeries in Albuquerque Trucking Accidents 

The structure of the spinal column is essentially the vertebra made of bone, the jelly-like disc structure, and nerves radiating from the center spinal cord through the bone and around the jelly-like discs.  An undamaged spinal column has the appropriate spacing to allow the nerves to not be pinched, the discs to act as proper shock absorbers between the vertebrae, and the bone to remain in position.

But when an Albuquerque trucking accident violently shifts the spinal column, it can come out of alignment.  Sometimes the discs can be ruptured or damaged changing their shape.  This can permanently compress on a nerve, causing severe and debilitating pain every time the spinal column is moved—even just a little bit.  Other times the impact can be so severe that the vertebra is compressed and flattened, also changing the shape and causing serious pain.

A spinal fusion is a procedure which can help prevent any movement of the vertebrae and discs on the nerves.  Usually a two level fusion involves removing the disc between two vertebrae, placing a cement disc there in its place that will not move, and placing rods along those two vertebrae to keep them from moving.  Screws are inserted in the top and bottom vertebrae to anchor the rod.  This keeps the two vertebrae from moving and rubbing against the nerve.  Thus, the nerve does not get irritating and cause pain.

As you can appreciate, this procedure is incredibly invasive and permanent.  There are serious risks involved.  The pain from the injuries is horrific, the pain from the surgery is intense, and the pain during recover is long and constant.  Physical therapy can take months if not years to return to some semblance of normalcy.

Albuquerque Trucking Accidents Bad Enough to Require Surgical Fusions are Real

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