Skull Fractures in New Mexico Trucking Accidents: Albuquerque Trucking Accident Lawyers

Your skull is arguably the most important bone in your body.  Well, group of bones.  This is because your skull protects your brain.  Without your skull, your brain would be susceptible to catastrophic damage even in minor impacts.  There are eight bones that form the cranial portion of the skull which protect the brain.  These bones are strong and thick, but they are not impenetrable.  Collisions with large commercial trucks like 18 wheelers, box trucks, tankers, big rigs, and other box trucks can easily cause skull fractures.  These skull fractures can be life-threatening and lead to catastrophic injury.  Learn about these types of New Mexico trucking accidents from our Albuquerque trucking accident lawyers here.

Types of Skull Fractures

There are many different types of skull fractures.  New Mexico trucking accidents could cause any type of skull fracture because of the sheer force upon impact with a tractor trailer.  The treatment for a skull fracture will depend on the type of fracture and the symptoms that come with it.  The common types of skull fractures include the following:

  • Linear fracture – this is when the skull fractures in a straight line with no bone displacement, meaning that the bone is in the same position just damaged.
  • Depressed fracture – this is when the skull has a “dent” in it resulting in a depression.  It is very dangerous because the dented bone could penetrate and damage parts of the brain.  This also comes with a high risk of increasing intracranial pressure from the swelling and bleeding.
  • Diastatic fracture – this type of fracture is along the nature grooves or “sutures” in the skull that form when the skull plates (cranial) are fusing together as a young child.
  • Compound fracture – when the force of impact is so strong, parts of the skull bone(s) could pop up and rip through the skin.  Exposed bone is a skull fracture.
  • Comminuted fracture – when the skull bone is broken into several pieces.

Dangers of Skull Fractures from New Mexico Trucking Accidents

Most skull fractures may not need treatment and heal on its own.  However, skull fractures which have some troubling symptoms may result in serious complications.  This is particularly true of swelling and the increase in intracranial pressure.  This can result in significant injury and even wrongful death if a person’s brain swells.  Victims who are injured in any type of auto accident and suffered a skull fracture are likely to have significant pain and suffering and time lost from work.

Ask our Albuquerque Trucking Accident Lawyers for Help

Skull fractures are very serious types of injuries which could be fatal and result in the wrongful death of a person.  They must be treated properly.  Any victim of an auto accident or trucking accident that suffered a skull fracture may be entitled to compensation for this serious injury.  

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