Signs a Truck Driver Fell Asleep and Caused Your Albuquerque Trucking Accident

Common Signs Indicating a Truck Driver Fell Asleep While Driving and Caused your Albuquerque Trucking Accidents Resulting in Serious Personal Injuries 

Tractor trailers, 18-wheelers, big rigs, flatbeds, tankers, and other large commercial vehicles are inherently dangerous because of their large size and heavy weight.  Even in the best of situations, they are large battering damages which can cause horrible damages to anything they collide with.  And unfortunately, they collide all too often in motor vehicle accidents.  The only way these vehicles are made more dangerous is when they become unguided missiles when the truck driver falls asleep at the wheel.  Since time is money in the commercial trucking business, way too many truck drivers fall asleep and cause catastrophic trucking accidents.

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Common Signs That a Truck Driver Fell Asleep While Driving

Driving while tired is a very dangerous proposition and scenario, especially at night.  But this is almost part of the job description for truck drivers who are compelled by the prospect of making more money to forger sleep.  Time is money for truck drivers and trucking companies.  Sleeping is a part of the day where no money is being earned.  This is why Albuquerque trucking accidents caused by tired drivers or drivers who fall asleep are very common on New Mexico highways and interstates.

Proving that a truck driver fell asleep at the wheel is not always easy and can be difficult.  But there are some indicators to be aware of to help your claim.  In fact, there are some common signs that a truck driver fell asleep and caused your accident, including the following:

  1. Rear end collisions with no brakes – when there is a rear end collision with no brake streaks or skid marks, this means the driver did not see the quickly approaching vehicle.  This could mean the driver was distracted, such as on his or her cell phone, or that the driver fell asleep.  Either way, this is negligent and can allow a victim to recover compensation;
  2. Crossing the center line – drivers do not just cross the center line for no reason.  Sometimes they come around a turn too fast and cross over.  Other times a driver will not appreciate the weather conditions and slide across the center line.  But most times the driver was either distracted or fell asleep.  It is particularly true that a driver likely fell asleep where there is no evidence that the driver made an attempt to correct the centerline shift or had braked;
  3. Incorrect or incomplete logbook entries – a truck driver has to keep a logbook tracking the amount of time he or she is driving and how much sleep he or she gets.  But sometimes the logbook just does not appear to be accurate, looks altered, or may be inconsistent.  While it may appear to be hard to check, trucks have an ECU, which is a computer in the engine, which tracks the speed, distance, time, movement, and other important data.  This can be compared with the logbook to see if the truck driver is lying or not.

Signs that a Truck Driver Fell Asleep While Driving and Caused a Serious Albuquerque Trucking Accident

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