Reasons Why Speeding Causes Very Serious New Mexico Car Accidents and Injuries

Drivers Who Speed are Drivers Who Kill and Cause Serious Personal Injuries in New Mexico Car Accidents

As any driver knows, there are speed limits posted on the road.  When there is no speed limit posted, the speed limit is the state speed limit.  Thus, drivers know that when they are traveling above the speed limit, they are traveling above the speed rated for the road.  This rating is determined by assessing the type of road, the location, the physical shape or curvature of the road, blind spots, amount of traffic, and sometimes the condition of the road.  These are important figures and considerations, because they help to protect those on or around the roadway from serious injuries.

But many people still speed and ignore the posted speed limits.  This is a very dangerous practice and can cause serious personal injuries or even death.  If you or a loved on have been injured or seriously killed in a New Mexico car accident caused by a driver speeding, call our experienced attorneys at the Mark Caruso  We represent many victims and families of victims who have been seriously injured or killed in catastrophic car accidents.  Call us today for a FREE consultation by dialing (505) 883-5000 to learn how we can protect your rights.

Reasons Why Speeding on Roadways Kills

Traveling above the speed limit creates a hazard for people on and off the road.  This can result in very dangerous circumstances which almost guarantee a serious car accident and horrific injuries when a driver is speeding.  This is because speeding does a few things which magnify the danger and the damages, which include the following:

  • Speeding reduces reaction time – this gives motorists a shorter period of time to react to an issue on the roadway which would require the motorist to turn away, brake, or swerve.  Because the reaction time is shorter, a motorist has less time to make these maneuvers and, in turn, needs to be a better driver to perform these maneuvers.  At a first speed, however, no amount of skill can avoid a collision.
  • Speeding increases stopping distance – the faster a motor vehicle goes, the more stopping time it will need to come to rest.  In driver’s ed class, this is generally taught as car lengths for stopping.  The faster a car is going, the more friction that will be required to stop the vehicle and the more stopping distance that is needed.
  • Speeding increases momentum – the higher a vehicle’s momentum, the more force it has and the more force it will need to disburse to come to a stop.  This means that a vehicle which collide with another object, all of the momentum will be transfers and will need to be disbursed to get the vehicle to stop.  The force gets transferred to the passengers and causes personal injuries them to.

Injured by a Driver Speeding?  Have Us On Speed Dial to Represent You!

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