Prescription Drug Use Resulting in New Mexico Trucking Accident – Albuquerque, NM

There are many people who have prescription drugs.  Something as simple as for blood pressure or acid reflux is commonplace.  Other people may be on stronger prescription drugs, such as for mental health, diabetes, or liver conditions.  All of these are generally safe to drive on.  Unfortunately, some people may suffer an injury and be on powerful prescription drugs for pain management.  These drugs could become dangerous if a person operates a motor vehicle.  Most say do not operate heavy machinery while using these drugs.  However, unfortunately many truck drivers need to make money and will operate vehicles anyway when under powerful pain killers.  These drugs could result in serious New Mexico trucking accidents.

Albuquerque, NM Trucking Accident Lawyers Handling Prescription Drug Cases

Both state law and federal regulations (FMCSA) prohibits a truck driver or any motor vehicle operator from operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of any controlled substance.  Generally that means narcotics such as illegal drugs.  However, it can also mean drugs that are prescribed for a patient and result in an impairment such as powerful pain drugs.  

These powerful prescription drugs could result in a person having a decreased reaction time, decreased perception, and lower cognitive function.  This means that truck drivers could cause serious and deadly motor vehicle crashes if the are on prescription drugs and impaired.  Which, unfortunately, is common because truck drivers need to work and driver to keep making money and without driving a truck they cannot support their family.  This means that many truck drivers may be tempted to operate large trucks even though they are impaired.

Liability for Prescription Drug New Mexico Trucking Accidents

Since both federal regulations (FMCSA) and state law prohibit any driver, especially truck drivers, from operating any vehicle while impaired, including by prescription drugs, when a New Mexico trucking accident is caused by a truck driver that is impaired it may result in liability against the truck driver and the trucking company.  This is because victims can use the violation of federal regulations and New Mexico state law to establish that they have been wronged and there is liability against the trucking company.  

This may allow victims to recover damages for personal injuries, including pain and suffering, lost wages, lost future earnings, medical bills, loss of affection with family members, and other damages.

Prescription Use Trucking Accidents in Albuquerque, NM Should Be Handled by the Mark Caruso

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