Pedestrians Getting Traumatic Brain Injuries After Being Hit by a Car: Albuquerque Pedestrian Knockdown Attorney Discusses

Albuquerque Car Accidents Involving Pedestrians Can Cause Traumatic Brain Injuries

As young children, we are lectured about the dangers of crossing the street.  We have to be careful, look both ways several times, and cross quickly.  Yet, as adults we cross the street almost every day without much thought.  Some days we cross the street so many times we cannot even count the number, not thinking twice of the dangers posed by doing so.  But in just a blink of the eye it can happen—getting hit by a car.  Most people think this will never happen to them, but it could and it does to many Americans each year.

The outcome of being hit by a motor vehicle can be catastrophic.  Unlike individuals injured in other types of motor vehicle accidents, pedestrians hit by cars are not protected inside a steel shell, shielded by airbags, and buckled by seat belts.  Injuries to Pedestrians hit by cars can be significant and life-threatening.

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Traumatic Brain Injuries After Being Hit By a Car

There are a lot of very serious injuries that a pedestrian who is hit by a motor vehicle can sustain.  These include broken bones, organ injuries, and paralysis.  But one of the more common types of serious injuries is a Traumatic brain injury (also known as a TBI).  Traumatic brain injuries are classified as any damage to the brain caused by an external force which could lead to temporary or permanent cognitive or physical impairment.

Traumatic brain injuries are common when pedestrians get hit by a car because pedestrians get thrown around by the car.  Either the pedestrian will have his or her feet swept from under him or her and the pedestrian’s head will hit the hood or windshield of the car.  Or the pedestrian will get hit by the car and launched forward or to the side, which can result the pedestrian to hit his or her head on the ground, an object, or into another vehicle.

As with any serious injuries, Traumatic brain injuries needs to be taken care of right away and treated by expert medical professionals.  The longer a victim waits, the worse the victim’s conditions may become.  After getting medical treatment, a victim should then contact a legal profession dedicated to protecting victim’s rights.

Albuquerque Hit by Car Accident Attorneys At the Mark Caruso Protect Victims with Traumatic Brain Injuries

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