NM Car Accident Attorney Lists Five Worst Intersections in Albuquerque, New Mexico

The Top Five Worst Intersections in New Mexico at all in Albuquerque, and All Deadly

Intersections are the most dangerous portion of a roadway.  There are multiple lanes of traffic crossing over each other.  Traffic is controlled by numerous devices in opposition directions.  Pedestrians, cyclists, and others are in or around the roadway coming from different directions.  And there are many other distractions are most intersections from the basic signs and directions, to stores and advertisements.  All intersections are dangerous.

But in Albuquerque, these intersections are also likely to be deadly.  The top five deadliest intersections in New Mexico are all in Albuquerque.  At the Mark Caruso, we know this because we have handled many intersection traffic accidents.  Many of these are against some of the largest trucking companies in the United States, including Fed Ex, Estes, JB Hunt, and Schneider, which can cause catastrophic motor vehicle accidents.  We know that intersection accidents are deadly, and we know that a victim needs zealous representation.

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Top Five Deadliest Intersections in New Mexico

According to the New Mexico Department of Transportation, these are the top five intersections in New Mexico which are all in Albuquerque:

  1. Coors Blvd NW and Paseo Del Norte Blvd NW – this intersection has had 380 motor vehicle accidents with 110 of them being fatal in just a three year span.  This equates to a 29% fatality rate which is very high.  Not listed is the number of non-fatal injuries which must be very high given the speed of this intersection and the number of crashes.
  2. Jefferson St NE and Paseo Del Norte Blvd NE – again speed is a major factor in causing the 365 motor vehicle accidents and 97 fatalities.  This is 27% fatality rate, which is also very high.
  3. Montgomery Blvd NE and San Mateo Blvd NE – this intersection is dangerous and has caused 260 accidents with 66 fatal in a three year span.  This is a 25% fatality rate.
  4. Montgomery Blvd NE and Wyoming Blvd NE – another Montgomery NE which racks up another 251 accidents and 69 fatalities, making this fatality rate 27%.
  5. Coors Blvd NW and Montano Rd NW – 241 accidents with 59 fatal, making the fatality rate 25% and Coors Blvd NW the deadliest road in New Mexico with 169 fatalities in a three year span for just these too intersections.

Everyone Should Know the Deadliest Intersections and Avoid Them; If Already Injured, Call Us for a Free Consultation!

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