New Mexico Trucking Accidents on Interstates: Why These Can Be Particularly Deadly Crashes

New Mexico Trucking Accidents on Interstates: A Deadly Recipe for Passenger Vehicles

All trucking accidents can be very dangerous and deadly.  However, it should be no surprise that New Mexico trucking accidents on Interstates and highways can be absolutely catastrophic.  Many times help can be far away and few between, leaving victims to wait for the help they desperately need immediately.

The Mark Caruso, is currently in trial representing the estate of Joseph Guttuso in a New Mexico trucking accident which occurred on Interstate 10.  Mr. Guttuso was traveling in one of three passenger vehicles going through an ongoing dust storm.  These three passenger vehicles slowed down given the ongoing nature of the dust storm limiting visibility.  However, three tractor trailers did not slow down and continued near-blindly through the dust storm.  The tractor trailers collided at a high speed with the passenger vehicles and caused a pileup accident.  There was an explosion and a large fire devoured the three passenger vehicles, killing all seven inside including Mr. Guttuso.  None of the truckers were seriously injured or killed.

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Recipe of Dangerous Collisions: Interstate Highway Crashes

Interstates are fact moving stretches of roadway which allow all vehicles to gain significant speed.  Most vehicles travel even beyond the posted speed limit, many without repercussion as they go through the miles and miles of empty stretches of roadway without worry of law enforcement.  Most people know right away that “speed kills,” which is a common contributor to motor vehicle accidents.

Size also kills.  Semi trucks, commercial trucks, and large tractor trailers are naturally very big and heavy, even without a payload.  Add any type of cargo and you are just creating a greater danger.  The more weight, the more time it takes for a tractor trailer to stop.

This combination of fast speed and extreme weight also creates significant momentum and force.  The larger the vehicle and the faster it is traveling, the greater the momentum.  Therefore, any collision between a large truck and any other object or vehicle requires the disbursement of this extreme force and momentum into whatever the truck is colliding with.  This can cause devastating damage and horrific injury to occupants of other vehicles which absorb the shockwave.

In addition, New Mexico trucking accidents occurring on interstates and highways pose a natural danger: help is far away!  Many times the closest responded could be fifteen, twenty, thirty, or more minutes away.  This is a lot of time if victims need immediate medical attention.  If the Jaws of Life (a device used to extract trapped passengers from vehicles) is needed, this could take an hour or more to get and deploy.  Therefore, serious injuries with uncontrolled bleeding could quickly become fatal.  In the case of Mr. Guttuso, any fire could also become fatal—particularly if the occupants are trapped in vehicles.

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