New Mexico Trucking Accidents on Interstates Caused by the Big 3 Companies

The Top Three Commercial Trucking Companies Kill on New Mexico Interstates

Any motor vehicle accident on a highway can cause very serious personal injuries or death.  But large commercial trucks such as big rigs, tankers, flatbeds, tractor trailers, tandem trailers, and other trucks are much more likely to result in fatal accidents on Interstates throughout New Mexico.  Many of these trucking accidents occur on Interstate 40, east and west through Albuquerque, or on Interstate 25, north and south though Albuquerque.  These high-speed collisions result in permanent and debilitating injuries, if not wrongful death.

Of these New Mexico trucking accidents occurring on New Mexico interstates, the three largest trucking companies account for some if not many of them.  The largest company is United Parcel Service of America and has had numerous trucking accidents.  Second is FedEx, which the Mark Caruso recently successfully sued for causing a New Mexico trucking accident on Interstate 40 near Grants, New Mexico.  The third largest trucking company is J.B. Hunt Transport Services, which has also had several serious trucking accidents on interstates and highways.

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New Mexico Interstate Trucking Accidents Causing Wrongful Death

Interstate trucking accidents are particularly dangerous because these commercial vehicles typically are carrying larger and heavier payloads.  At the great speeds vehicles travel on the interstate and highways throughout New Mexico, it creates significant momentum which must be dispersed when there is a collision.  It is this momentum that rips through smaller vehicles and causes horrific, catastrophic, and deadly injuries to victims.  In fact, New Mexico interstate trucking accidents occurring on Interstate 40 and Interstate 25 can easily cause wrongful deaths of victims on these roads.

Any commercial truck, whether one of the largest trucking companies in the United States or a simple weekend rental can cause a wrongful death.  Having experienced New Mexico wrongful death attorneys on your side and help your family recovery for the loss of a loved one.

New Mexico Wrongful Death Cases Caused by Trucking Accidents Need Strong Representation

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