New Mexico Auto Accidents on Labor Day: Special Risks Require Special Help from Our Attorneys

Labor Day is the unofficial end of the summer.  Most schools restart, most people end their vacations, and most people’s work begins to pick up for the rush to the holidays and the New Year.  While many people commiserate Labor Day with BBQs, parties, gathering with friends, and last-minute vacations, Labor Day for others may be marked with tragedy.  This is because Labor Day carries with it special risks and increased dangerous.  Learn more from our New Mexico Auto Accident Lawyers here:

Why Labor Day is a Dangerous Driving Holiday

While Labor Day is not as dangerous as Thanksgiving, New Years, July Fourth, and St. Patrick’s Day in terms motor vehicle accidents and fatal crashes, Labor Day is still a very dangerous driving holiday.  Many New Mexico auto accidents occur due to reckless, careless, and downright negligent conduct of other motorists.  Labor Day car accidents and personal injury accidents are a problem and all motorists should be wary.

This is because Labor Day carries with it special risks and dangers.  Some of the most common risks and dangers due to Labor Day which could cause New Mexico auto accidents include the following:

  • Drunk driving – far too many people celebrate Labor Day by driving and then making the poor decision to drive.  Not only is this against New Mexico statutory law (or legislatively-made law), but it is also downright negligent under New Mexico common law (or judge-made law).  Anytime a drunk driver causes a New Mexico auto accident, it is likely to result in liability against that drunk driver.  Unfortunately, that usually means someone may get hurt and Labor Day is a holiday where far too many people drive drunk and hurt innocent people.
  • Drugged driving – like drunk driving, drugged driving is cause serious issues throughout the United States and particularly New Mexico.  The same factors apply as drunk driving, only that many drivers think that drugged driving is less dangerous than drunk driving–it is not.  Do not drive impaired, it is against New Mexico statutory law and common law.  Drugged drivers from Labor Day parties may be liable for any injuries they cause just like a drunk driver.
  • Driver inexperience – many people are taking long journeys to celebrate Labor Day and may be inexperienced with the location they are going or driving on highways, interstates, or long distance.  This is common on Labor Day when a lot of people are commuting long distances for vacation or to visit families or friends.  This is a special risk factor for causing New Mexico auto accidents.
  • More vehicles on the road – Holiday traffic is the thing of nightmares and it is well-known that Labor Day can have some of the worst traffic imaginable.  The more vehicles on the road, the more likely that a car crash could occur.  

Involved in a Labor Day Car Accident in New Mexico?  We can Help

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