Nerve Injuries in Albuquerque Car Accidents

Albuquerque Car Accidents Causing Nerve Injuries Create Permanent and Debilitating Injuries 

Car accident can cause many different types of injuries, from broken bones and lacerations, to traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, all of these types of injuries can be devastating.  However, nerve injuries are some of the worst type of injuries sustained in car accidents because they are almost always permanent—especially if they are not treated immediately.  Nerve injuries can affect both sensation and movement, creating permanent pins and needles, numbness, and an inability to move a part of one’s body.

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Understanding Nerve Injuries in Albuquerque Car Accidents

When most people think of nerves, this immediately think of pain.  Indeed, a nerve injury can result in excruciating pain and suffering.  It is, after all, the body’s pain relay network.  However, some nerve injuries can result in a complete lack of pain.  This could result in come and go pins and needles, permanent pins and needles, or just numbness.  When this occurs, the nerve is usually severed and damage beyond repair.  Thus, your body has just lost its ability to identify pain and sensation.  This is usually permanent, unless it is repaired almost immediately by an expert physician.

Nerve injuries can also result in no pain and no numbness.  These nerve injuries occur to motor nerves, which are even worse.  Motor nerves send signals to your muscles to help contract or extend a muscle.  If a motor nerve is damaged, it can permanent prevent your body from sending signals to these muscles.  This means that you will be unable to move that body part which is controlled by that motor nerve.  This can result in permanent and debilitating conditions, including paralysis or partial paralysis.  Again, this must be immediately repaired by an expert surgeon immediately or it will be permanent.

Common Causes of Nerve Injuries in Albuquerque Car Accidents

There are many causes of nerve injuries or damage in car accidents.  Injuries can be caused in both high speed and low speed car accidents.  Some typical causes of nerve injuries in car accidents include the following:

  • Rear-end car accidents;
  • Seatbelt injuries;
  • Ejected from windshield;
  • T-bone or sideswipe car accidents;
  • Head-on car accidents;
  • Roll-over car accidents;
  • Tractor trailer truck accidents; and
  • Many other types of accidents.

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