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Traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, are some fo the most severe injuries that any personal injury victim could sustain.  This is because TBIs affect never every facet of life, from debilitating headaches, driving problems, work issues, to even basic daily functions like thinking, hygiene, and sometimes even talking.  While any personal injury accident could result in serious TBIs such as a slip and fall or medical malpractice, motor vehicle accidents are the most common cause of TBIs.  This is especially true of New Mexico trucking accidents which could cause various levels of severity for TBIs.  Learn about these levels of TBIs from our Albuquerque trucking accident lawyers here.

What is a TBI?

A traumatic brain injury could be a variety of head injuries which affect the brain and its ability to function.  The most commonly known TBI is a concussion, which could range from mild inconvenience to catastrophic disruption of a person’s life.  Individuals could also suffer brain contusions, which are bruises on the brain, from very strong and forceful impacts.  Obviously penetrating brain injuries could also constitute a TBI when debris pierces through the skull and into the brain such as in a rollover crash or high-speed, interstate trucking accident.

Levels of Severity for a TBI

TBIs are generally classified in three different levels of severity.  These levels of severity are classified due to the extent of the damage to the brain and the extent of the disability suffered by the person.  Generally, the level of severity dictates the level of treatment that a person needs.  The level of severity also generally dictates what compensation the individual may be entitled to recover compensation from the New Mexico trucking accident.

  1. Mild TBIs – a mild TBI may disorient a victim and it generally shows acute injury or disability which was caused due to the accident.  Mild TBIs generally create temporary or less severe disability, which is usually temporary but could be long-lasting or even permanent in nature.  
  2. Moderate TBIs – a moderate TBI usually results in prolonged disability after the accident such as headaches, confusion, disoriented, and other cognitive instability.  Generally, moderate TBIs last for months or years, and some could have permanent affects on a person’s cognitive, functioning, behavioral, or physical attributes.  More aggressive and prolonged treatment is necessary and usually the brain suffers some type of permanent injury.
  3. Severe TBIs – a severe TBI could be everything from permanent and long-term disability, to a complete lack of functioning due to the injury.  These injuries are usually life-threatening and victims will not be able to assume the same daily function after they have been stabilized, if they could be stabilized.  Victims with severe TBIs will usually need daily treatment and assistance, some around the clock needs.  Severe TBIs can destroy an entire family unit due to the negligence to a truck drivers.

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