Interstate Wrongful Deaths on Exit and Entrance Ramps

New Mexico Trucking Accidents Are More Likely to Kill on Interstates, and Most Likely to Kill on Exit and Entrance Ramps

New Mexico has some of the busiest interstates in the entire country.  Interstate 40 and Interstate 25 cut through Albuquerque, New Mexico, which serves as one of the the largest hubs in the state.  This is also a major port where trucking companies and truck drivers switch from east and west to north and south.  This makes some of the most complicated exit and entrance ramps.  To a lesser degree, Interstate 10 down in Las Cruces, New Mexico also forms a major junction with Interstate 25 again creating a major west and west to north and south switch.  This produces a lot of traffic and a lot of exits and on-ramps.

One of the most dangerous parts of all interstates and highways are the exit and on-ramps.  This is due to the increased traffic, distracted drivers looking at the signage, and inexperienced drivers unsure where to go.  This is also because of the large commercial trucks from some of the largest trucking carriers in the United States, including Ryder, J.B. Hunt, Estes, and Schneider, among others.  These large commercial trucks coming and going on and off exit and on-ramps can result in devastating trucking accidents.

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Dangerous of Interstate Exit and On-ramps

Generally, driving on an interstate is pretty easy.  Go straight and stay in your lane.  Other vehicles do the same.  However, exit and on-ramps are different because you are not just going straight or staying in your lane—nor are other people.  People are weaving in and out of lanes to change route.  Truck drivers are some of the biggest offenders, and the biggest danger.

When these large commercial trucks commit to a lane change, that is it—it is very hard to change.  If that change was improper, it can be deadly for the occupants of passenger vehicles.  Especially on the interstate when all vehicles are traveling at a high speed.  Some common causes of New Mexico trucking accidents on interstate exit and on-ramps include the following:

  • Improper lane changes;
  • Excessive speed;
  • Distracted driving on cell phone, radio, or GPS;
  • Reading signage and not paying attention to traffic;
  • Fatigued driving;
  • Dust storms;
  • Nighttime driving;
  • Confusing roadways;
  • Road rage; and
  • Other negligence.

Interstate Trucking Accidents Causing Wrongful Death at Exit Ramps and On-Ramps

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