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Injuries Caused by Albuquerque Trucking Accidents Commonly Resulting in Death

Wrongful Deaths are Common in Interstate Trucking Accidents, but Some Injuries Commonly Result in Deaths more than Others

Interstate trucking accidents are incredibly dangerous.  In Albuquerque, New Mexico, Interstate 40 and Interstate 25 cut through the city which bring large commercial trucks such as tractor trailers, tankers, flatbeds, tandem trailers, 18-wheelers, and other large trucks.  Due to the high speed on the interstates, collisions with these trucks can result in horrific and catastrophic injuries resulting in death.  Many times the culprits include some of the nation’s largest trucking companies, including FedEx, the United Parcel Service, Estes, Ryder, J.B. Hunt, and many others.

Here at the Mark Caruso, our experienced Albuquerque trucking accident attorneys know that interstate trucking accidents usually result in devastating and painful injuries.  These injuries can be debilitating and cause permanent disability.  Other times these injuries can result in an inevitable death of a victim.  If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a trucking accident, call us today for a FREE consultation by dialing (505) 883-5000 to learn how we can protect your rights.  We always work hard to ensure you get the maximum amount of compensation that you may be entitled to, and we won’t stop fighting and we do.

Common Injuries from Albuquerque Trucking Accidents Resulting in Death

Death is the ultimate injury in any motor vehicle accident.  Unfortunately, Albuquerque trucking accidents occurring on Interstate 40 or Interstate 25 frequently result in serious injuries causing death.  That is, sometimes death does not occur right away.  Sometimes victims will languish in pain for months if not years prior to succumbing to their injuries.  This can cause horrific pain and suffering which can allow the victim’s family to seek a considerable verdict in a New Mexico wrongful death case.

Some of the common injuries that frequently result in wrongful death include the following:

  • Burn injuries, including internal burn injuries such as to the throat or lungs caused by inhalation;
  • Organ damage;
  • Spinal cord injuries;
  • Traumatic brain injuries;
  • Large cuts or lacerations resulting in massive infections;
  • Head injuries resulting in hemorrhaging or brain bleeds;
  • Paralysis or quadriplegia;
  • Internal bleeding;
  • Chest contusions, including to the vital organs such as the heart or lungs;
  • Crushing injuries;
  • Impalement injuries;
  • Foreign objects causing infections of damage;
  • Chemical burns;
  • Airbag injuries; and
  • other serious injuries.

When these types of serious injuries are caused to a victim, they can ultimately kill the victim resulting in an Albuquerque wrongful death case.

Wrongful Death?  The Mark Caruso Can Help You and Your Family!

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident, call the experienced New Mexico truck accident attorneys at the Mark Caruso today by dialing (505) 883-5000 You can also contact us on our website through the easy to use and convenient Contact box located by clicking here.