I-25 Crashed Near Williamsburg Kills One, Seriously Injuries Another: Albuquerque Personal Injury Explains

Fatal Crash on I-25 Kills One and Severely Injured Another: Albuquerque Car Accident Attorneys Explains Issues

News sources are reporting that, on Wednesday, October 4, 2017, a single car crash resulted in the death of one individual and caused serious injuries to another.  On Interstate 25, a vehicle was proceeding nears Williams burg when the driver lost control of her Nissan Truck.  She entered into the median and which caused her truck to overturned.  A passenger was not seat belted or otherwise restrained in the truck, and he was ejected causing fatal injuries in the truck crash.  The driver was also seriously injured and needed to be airlifted to the nearest hospital.

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Liability in Single Car Crashes: Rights of a Passenger 

A passenger in a single car crash has legal rights when he or she is seriously injured or killed.  This is because, generally, the passenger does not contribute to the cause of the crash.  A passenger does not have control of the vehicle and is not responsible for its use and operation.

Therefore, in a single car crash like this the victim may be entitled to compensation for his injuries and wrongful death.  This includes whether or not the victim was wearing his seatbelt.

Wrongful Death Lawsuits in New Mexico 

This also means that the victims family has a wrongful death lawsuit.  This is an action that is both meant to punish the offender for negligent and reckless conduct which causes the death of a person, as well as to deter other people from acting in a similar reckless manner.  A wrongful death lawsuit is also meant to help compensate the victim’s family for the loss of society, services, love and affection, and support of a loved one.

Therefore, the pain and suffering that the victim endured will be considered in the wrongful death award.  Lost wages and earnings of the loved one is also calculated and can be awarded to a victim’s family for the life-expectancy of the victim.  This can help make a family whole again for their loss, which can never be done with the loss of life but compensation can help mitigate the new struggles and burdens a family will face after a severe New Mexico car accidents resulting in the loss of life.

Single Car Crashes Resulting in the Death of a Victim Can Allow a Victim to Have a New Mexico Wrongful Death Case

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