I-10 Reopens After New Mexico Trucking Accident: Lucky to Be Alive!

Blowing Dust and Multi-vehicle Pileup Close I-10; Potential for Wrongful Death Avoided

According to news sources, Interstate 10 was closed for over three hours due to blowing dust and multi-vehicle crashes.  The accidents occurred new San Simon, New Mexico and Lordsburg, New Mexico, on I-10 near the border.  Reports came in that blowing dust was so bad and heavy that motorists could barely see just beyond their hood.  Involved in the crashes was a large semi-truck.  Luckily this time no one was seriously hurt.

However, that is not always the case.  All too often innocent people are seriously injured or killed on these interstates.  I-10 brings many of the largest trucking companies in the country, such as YRC Worldwide, Landstar System, Arcbest, Roadrunner Transportation Services, and Knight Transportation to New Mexico.  Interstate 10 connects with Interstate 25 at Las Cruces, New Mexico, which is an important hub for these large commercial trucking companies to change direction from east and west to north and south.  Because of this combination, there are many wrongful death cases involving New Mexico trucking accidents.

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Dust and New Mexico Trucking Accidents

Dust is one of the most dangerous and deadly contributing factors to commercial trucking accidents.  This is because dust does a few things to make serious trucking accidents causing the death of a victim more likely.

First, dust reduces visibility.  This makes it harder for all motorists on the roadway to see hazards, such as other vehicles.  This means motorists will see the hazards with less time to react to them.  This makes it more likely that there could be an accident, particularly a rear-end collision.  This is magnified for large commercial trucks, which already need a lot of distance to stop—especially on the interstate.

Second, dust also deposits debris on the roadway.  Even a little bit of dust on the roadway and greatly reduce the friction between a large commercial truck’s tires and the pavement.  The dust storms can also bring sticks, twigs, and other debris onto the roadway creating future hazards.  This can increases the distance it takes for a large commercial truck to stop.

Wrongful Death Accidents on Interstates Due to Dusts

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