How Long to Commence a New Mexico Car Accident Lawsuit? New Mexico Car Accident Attorney Explains the Statute of Limitations

The Statute of Limitations in New Mexico Car Accidents is Very Important

No one plans to be in a car accident, but they unfortunately happen to many people every day.  Sometimes it is just a minor inconvenience and a fender bender.  However, other times they can be more serious car accidents resulting in personal injuries.  Not only can this disrupt a person’s entire day, but it could disrupt weeks, months, or even years of a person’s life.  And not just a person, but his or her entire family’s lives.

When this happens, a person is entitled to receive compensation for his or her pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical expenses.  A family is also entitled to a loss of services and companionship.  Essentially, everyone affected by the car accident has a right to seek compensation may receive compensation.

But this right to seek compensation is not indefinite.  The law disfavors “stale claims” and creates a timeframe in which a lawsuit must be commenced.  Each type of lawsuit has a different time period.  These time periods are known the statute of limitations periods, and are very important to be aware of.  If you fail to commence a lawsuit within the statute of limitations period, your claim will be forever barred.

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The Statute of Limitations for a New Mexico Car Accident Case is Three Years

Under New Mexico Law, NM Stat. 37-1-8 requires a claim for person injuries to be commenced within three years of the injury.  There may be some tolls or extensions for this statute of limitations period, however best practice is to commence an action within three years of the car accident and to not rely on any extensions.

This means that you must commence your lawsuit on or before three years from the date of the New Mexico car accident.  Even just one day late will result in dismissal of your action, and you will not be entitled to receive any compensation.  This may sound drastic, but every type of action or claim that a person can bring is governed by a statute of limitations period.

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