Have fun while avoiding a DUI

Most drivers understand that it is illegal to drive under the influence in New Mexico, but many people do not understand exactly how many drinks it takes to reach the legal limit of .08. There are different factors involved in how the body absorbs and metabolizes alcohol, which means one person may only be able to drink one alcoholic beverage before hitting the limit, while another driver may be able to drink two or three. If someone is planning on drinking, the best way to avoid a DUI is to not drive at all and use public transportation, a designated driver or cab. It is also helpful to understand how to drink responsibly.

According to Very Well Mind, it is a good idea to pace when drinking in a social situation. This typically means not having more than one alcohol drink per hour and/or drinking a non-alcoholic beverage in between each alcoholic one.

According to the Catholic University of America, it is always smart to eat before, or while, drinking because it slows down the absorption rate. Some type of protein is typically the best choice. One way to drink less is to stay active. Dance, play games, go for a walk or mingle with different groups of people to control the amount of alcohol consumed. 

If driving is part of the plan, it is best to avoid sweet, mixed drinks, as it can be hard to know how much alcohol is in each one. Stick with a bottle of beer or glass of wine so you can keep better track. Certain prescription and OTC drugs can enhance the effect of alcohol, so one should avoid drinking if taking any medication.

Because alcohol affects everyone differently, another way to avoid driving over the limit is to keep a handheld breathalyzer in the car. It may not be quite as accurate as the tests conducted by law enforcement, but it can give a general idea of blood alcohol levels so one can find alternative transportation if it is too high.