Future Injuries from Amputations After an Albuquerque Auto Accident

Amputations After an Albuquerque Auto Accident: Understanding Future Injuries 

An amputation is one of the most serious and debilitating injuries that a person involved in a serious Albuquerque auto accident could sustain.  This is true of any limb or part of a limb that is amputated, especially a dominate arm or a leg.  While most New Mexico motor vehicle accidents will not result in severe enough injuries to result in an amputation, certain types of car accidents will cause significant injuries which could result in trauma to a limb that must be amputated.  This is particularly true of trucking accidents with large big rigs and 18 wheelers.  The hardest part of an amputation case is not just establishing liability, but also demonstrating the future effect on the victim.

Here at the Mark Caruso, our experienced Albuquerque auto accident lawyers know how to handle amputation cases.  We use medical experts and life care planners to determine what your past and future pain and suffering will be, including additional treatment, surgeries, medications, or physical therapy that you may or may not need.  We also use economists and vocational experts to demonstrate what lost wages and future lost earnings you will have.  Call our law firm for a FREE consultation by dialing (505) 883-5000 to learn how we can help you today.C

Causes of Amputations

Although most motor vehicle accidents do not cause injuries severe enough to result in amputations, there are certain types of car crashes which frequently will result in significant injuries to a limb and are more likely to result in an amputation.  These types of accidents include the following:

  • High speed crashes, including on I-10, I-25, and I-40;
  • Trucking accidents involving large commercial vehicles such as 18 wheelers, big rigs, tankers, box trucks, semi tractor trailers, and other large trucks;
  • T-bone motor vehicle accidents;
  • Roll-over accidents;
  • Crashes resulting in secondary injuries such as those from fires or chemical burns from hazardous cargo; and
  • Other causes.

Future injuries from Amputations

While an amputation case is significant because of the past pain and suffering, which is the auto accident causing injuries and the amputation, there are usually future injuries that are not always considered.  These future injuries in an amputation case include the following:

  • Need for physical therapy or occupational therapy, especially as one ages and becomes weaker (i.e., can not longer support oneself with one leg after 70 years of age due to muscle weakness);
  • Need for new or additional prosthetics, particularly as one ages;
  • Phantom pain syndrome and treatment;
  • Treatment for emotional harm;
  • Future infections which may be likely, particularly at the amputation site which rests against a prosthetic; and
  • Other future injuries.

Victims of an Albuquerque Auto Accident Causing an Amputation Should Call Our Firm

If you or a loved one have suffered an amputation after a New Mexico car crash, please call the experienced Albuquerque auto accident lawyers at the Mark Caruso to help them.  You may call us for a FREE consultation by dialing (505) 883-5000, or you can also contact us on our website through the easy to use and convenient Contact box located by clicking here.  We can help you get the compensation you deserve for your future injuries from an auto accident causing an amputation.