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Eye Injuries due to New Mexico Auto Accidents

It goes without saying that your eyesight is essential.  For most people, your eyesight is your primary sense.  Most of us heavily rely on our eyesight over our other senses.  While many people who lose their eyesight are able to function independently, it goes without saying that the loss of eyesight is a significant disability.  Unfortunately, New Mexico auto accidents are a common way that a person may lose his or her eyesight.  In fact, motor vehicle crashes are one of the most common ways that a person may lose his or her eyesight due to trauma.  If this happens to you or a loved one, please contact the experienced Albuquerque auto accident lawyers at the Mark Caruso to learn how we can help you recover compensation that you deserve for the loss of your eyesight due to a negligent motorist.

Causes of Eye Injuries and Vision Loss Due to New Mexico Auto Accidents

There are many different reasons why a person may lose his or her eyesight in a motor vehicle crash.  This is because your eyes, while durable, are still very susceptible to injury–particularly the mechanisms of injury generated by a motor vehicle crash.  Here are some of the common reasons how New Mexico auto accidents cause eye juries:

  • Twisted and damaged pieces of vehicle;
  • Flying debris or piercing debris;
  • Chemical burns from batteries, gasoline, or other objects in the car engine block;
  • Burns from explosions or fires;
  • Impact into a part of the vehicle damaging the eye;
  • Air bag or side curtain injuries; and
  • Many other ways.

Types of Eye Injuries Caused by Motor Vehicle Accidents

There are many different types of eye injuries which could be caused by a New Mexico auto accident.  Most of these injuries are permanent and, even with the best treatment, cannot be restored to a pre-accident state.  Some of the most common injuries which could result in compensation for an injured victim include the following:

  • Complete loss of vision;
  • Loss of tracking (tracking allows a person’s eye to follow objects, such as when driving, playing a sport, or reading.  Loss of tracking means a person can no longer focus on an object unless it is right upfront and the person exercises extreme focus.);
  • Loss of depth perception (the ability to determine how far and how fast something is approaching in order to ascertain where it is in space as it comes near a person.);
  • Focus impairments (the inability to focus on one object or the inability to unfocus and refocus on another object, which means that many objects may be permanently blurry or the switch from one object to another will take longer making a blurry transition until focus can be achieved.);
  • Loss of peripheral vision (inability to detect objects at the edge of your visual field.);
  • Extreme sensitive to light or glare; and
  • Other serious vision injuries.

Victims of New Mexico Auto Accidents Who Suffer Eye Injuries Should Ask Us For Help

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