Experienced Trucking Accident Attorney for Commercial Trucking Accidents in New Mexico

How an Experienced Trucking Accident Attorney Can Help You if Your Loved One Was Injured in a Commercial Trucking Accident in New Mexico

No one ever wants to get a call letting them know that their loved one was hurt in an accident. Even worse is if your loved one was involved in a commercial trucking accident. Accidents happen everyday on the roadways on New Mexico and commercial trucking accidents are often deadly or catastrophic due to the size and force of commercial trucking vehicles. While your first concern is likely tending to your injured loved one, it is essential to contact an experienced trucking accident attorney who can help you and your loved one obtain the compensation you deserve. 

Some of the most common types of serious trucking accidents in New Mexico can result in some of the most debilitating and permanent personal injuries, including causing wrongful death.  Commercial trucking accidents are also serious, even minor fender benders.  Learn how our Albuquerque lawyer at the Caruso Law Offices, P.C. can help you.

Steps an Experienced Trucking Accident Attorney Will Take to Help You and Your Loved One

  • Submit a letter to preserve evidence – This is known as a spoliation letter. This letter is sent to all involved parties (i.e. motor carrier, shipper, truck driver, broker, and insurance carrier) to notify them of their need to preserve any evidence that may be pertinent for the case. 
  • Request a vehicle inspection of the tractor and trailer vehicles – It is important for these vehicles to be inspected in order to obtain any evidence that may identify that the commercial truck driver was responsible for the accident. If resistance is met, a court order can be obtained. Inspection of the commercial truck typically includes inspection of the frame, tires, brakes, body, mirrors, windows and lights. Photographs are taken to be used as evidence and ECM data is downloaded and reviewed. ECM data can be invaluable evidence as it is able to provide information regarding speed, any short stops, engine RPMs, transmission style, and use of cruise control amongst many other things. 
  • Inspect the victim’s vehicle – The victim’s vehicle is inspected to identify what damage was done to the car, including obtaining the event data recorder (EDR) or the airbag control module (ACM).
  • Inspect the scene of the crash – Experienced trucking accident attorneys will often visit the scene of the accident with an accident reconstruction engineer or investigator. 
  • Interview any witnesses present at the scene of the accident – This is important as eye witnesses may be able to provide additional information about how the truck driver was operating the vehicle or any other pertinent details of the scene of the accident. 
  • Open records request/Freedom of Information – This is done to obtain all records of the crash as well as the trucking company. 
  • Search social media and news websites – Sometimes invaluable information can be obtained from these outlets such as photos of the scene of the accident that witnesses photographed. 

Hurt in a Commercial Trucking Accident in New Mexico?  Learn How We Can Help

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