Disregarding Traffic Signals Causing an Albuquerque Auto Accident

Albuquerque Auto Accident Lawyer Explains Disregarding Traffic Signals and NM Auto Crashes

We all know that following the rules of the road is what keeps us and everyone else safe.  The rules of the road are dictated and reminded to us in the form of traffic signals and signs.  These traffic signals are used to tell us where to stop, go, turn, merge, or otherwise how to operate our motor vehicle.  These traffic signals and the rules behind them are what allows motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists to be safe on or around the roadway.  Disregarding traffic signals can result in serious and fatal NM auto crashes.  A motorist who is disregarding traffic signals places you and everyone else in danger.

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Common Examples of Disregarding Traffic Signals and Albuquerque Auto Accidents

There are many examples of how a NM auto crash could be caused by a driver who is disregarding traffic signals.  The most obvious example are speed limit signs.  These speed limits are the most basic protections on the roadway and are aimed to protect us and everyone else even near the road.  Unfortunately, many people think this is the speed minimum and will drive at dangerous rates above the speed limit.  This could result in a very serious Albuquerque auto accident.

Some common examples of disregarding traffic signals that could result in catastrophic or fatal personal injuries includes the following:

  • Speed limits and speed advisories around curves, bends, or other blind spots;
  • Stop signs;
  • Red lights or flashing red lights;
  • Yield signs;
  • Turn only lanes;
  • Lane merges;
  • No passing zones; 
  • No U-turn signs; and
  • Many other traffic signs.

Liability for Traffic Law Violations and Causing an Albuquerque Auto Accident

A driver who is disregarding traffic signals and causes a serious NM auto crash could be liable for all damages proximately caused by the collision.  There are two ways to establish liability.  The first way is through the common law, or judge-made law.  This is law that has evolved from public sentiments and opinion, which is made into law through judicial decisions.  Under NM common law, a motorist must use reasonable care under the circumstances in the use and operation of his or her vehicle.  A reasonable person would not disregard traffic signals.  If a driver causes a NM auto crash due to disregarding traffic signals, he or she may be found negligent and liable to a victim under NM common law.

Additionally, a driver will most likely have violated New Mexico vehicle and traffic law which codifies how traffic signals are to be followed.  This is through New Mexico statutes, which are legislatively-made.  When a defendant violates a New Mexico statute by disregarding traffic signals and causing an Albuquerque auto accident, he or she may be automatically liable to a victim under the doctrine of negligence per se if an injured plaintiff can prove:

  1. the statute was violated;
  2. the statute meant to protect the class of persons that the injured plaintiff was in;
  3. the statute was meant to protect the harm caused by the violation to the protected class (i.e., the injured plaintiff).

Injured by a Driver Disregarding Traffic Signals in New Mexico?  We Can Help

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