Differences Between a Trucking Accident and Car Accident

Understand Why a Trucking Accident and Car Accident are Never Alike

Both trucking accidents and car accidents can cause catastrophic injuries. However, given the size and force of a semi-tractor trailer amongst other factors, commercial trucking accidents tend to be even more catastrophic. There are many differences between a trucking accident and car accident, including the way that these accidents are handled legally. If you or your loved one was involved in either of these types of accidents, we encourage you to call our office today to speak with an experienced trucking and car accident lawyer. 

Here at the Caruso Law Offices, P.C., we know that the differences between a trucking accident and car accident can be significant and life-changing for victims and their families.  Trucks are big and powerful, heavy and strong.  While smaller, passenger vehicles are not nearly as powerful but still very destructive—especially at high speeds.  However the major difference is that a collision between a truck and a car at the same speed will often result in the truck causing exponentially more damage due to its momentum.

Differences Between a Trucking Accident and Car Accident Explained 

Some of the major factors regarding the differences between a trucking accident and car accident include the following:

Injuries – While people are killed or seriously harmed in car accidents every day, victims of trucking accidents are often more seriously injured. This is because semi-tractor trailers are massive in size, with their weight being almost 20 times heavier than a car. Thus, people injured in semi-tractor trailer accidents often face severe injuries such as amputations, head injuries, spinal cord injuries, internal injuries, and many other types of injuries. Some victims unfortunately do not survive trucking accidents. 

Determination of cause and fault of trucking accidents are more difficult – It is often much more difficult to determine the fault and cause of trucking accidents. There are many parties who may be liable for a trucking accident, including the driver, commercial trucking company, parts manufacturer, supplier, or distributor amongst many others. Determining who is liable for the accident is vital in order to ensure that the victim gains the maximum amount of compensation possible for their injuries. It takes an experienced trucking accident attorney to be able to know what to look for to determine fault and prove the extent of your injuries so you are able to gain the compensation that you deserve. 

Determination of causes of trucking accident vs. car accidents – The causes of trucking accidents are often much different from the causes of car accidents. Car accidents are often caused by a driver’s actions (i.e. speeding, texting while driving, etc.) while trucking accidents can be caused by many other things, including improperly loaded cargo, failure to maintain the truck correctly, mechanical failures (i.e. brakes), failure to stop in an adequate amount of time, etc. Additionally, the types of accidents that occur are often different for trucking accidents such as jackknife and rollover, although cars can have rollover accidents as well. 

Collection of evidence – Evidence is collected differently for car accidents vs. trucking accidents. For car accidents, evidence is typically collected after an accident such as photographs, witness statements, police reports and other evidence while trucking accidents require a collection of more extensive evidence such as vehicle evidence (documentation of maintenance, history or inspections, GPS tracking, truck’s black box, etc.), cargo evidence (i.e. trip envelopes, eight tickets, etc.), and driver evidence such as history of driver’s qualifications, driver’s inspection records, and drug and alcohol screening results post-collision. 

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