Diagnosing Back Injuries After Albuquerque Car Accidents

Albuquerque Car Accidents Commonly Cause Back Injuries, But These are Hard Injuries to Diagnose and Proof in Court

The back and spine are very resilient.  In fact, the vertebrae comprising of the spinal column is designed to shield and protect the spinal cord from damage.  But any type of accident can cause a back injury, such as a slip and fall, construction accident, and especially a car accident.  In fact, car accidents place a lot of stress and jostling of the spine and back.  This is particularly true of trucking accidents which can cause catastrophic injuries.

If you or a loved one have suffered a back injury, neck injury, spinal cord injury, or other related injury, contact the experienced Albuquerque car accident attorneys at the Mark Caruso by dialing (505) 883-5000.  Back injuries can be difficult to prove both damages and causation, and it requires legal representation with both legal experience and medical knowledge to prove your case.  We have a proven track record of both, and will fight hard to earn you the maximum amount of compensation that you may be entitled to.

Causes of Back Injuries in Albuquerque Car Accidents

There are many different causes of back injuries in Albuquerque car accidents.  This is because the back, particularly the neck, is in a position where it is susceptible to injury, even in low speed collisions.  Back injuries can be caused be a variety of types of car accidents, including the following:

  • Head on collisions;
  • T-bone crashes;
  • Rear end accidents;
  • Roll over accidents;
  • Tractor trailer jackknife accidents;
  • Crossing the center line accidents;
  • Side-swipe car accidents; and
  • Many other types of car accidents.

Proving Back Injuries from Albuquerque Car Accidents

Back injuries are difficult to prove in any litigation because they do not always come with the same symptoms as other injuries.  Back injuries also can cause pain without showing up on an x-ray, MRI, or other imaging study.  That is because back injuries are commonly cause nerve injuries which are difficult to prove are injured, affected, or causing pain.  Objective evidence of the injuries is king to win your case.

However, there are some ways to prove back injuries.  First, an x-ray is an important tool because you can immediately diagnose if there is a fracture to a vertebra.  While x-rays are limited, a fractured vertebra can immediately demonstrate an injury and win you case.

Second, an MRI is the next most important tool.  An MRI takes pictures of the structures in your body, such as the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.  It can show damage to these structures, such as tears, bulges, ruptures, impingement, and other abnormalities which can cause pain and demonstrate injury.

Third, EMG nerve conduction studies can be used to show what nerves are injured and how injured they are.  This is a study that is done with needles places throughout the patient’s body, and electrical impulses are sent up and down the patient’s body and measured by the needle.  The speed and strength of the electrical impulse is measured and the injury can be quantified.

Back Injuries Are Devastating Injuries and Should be Compensated

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