Common Surgeries for Fractured Bones in Albuquerque Car Accidents

Albuquerque Car Accidents Can Cause Serious and Permanent Injuries, Commonly Broken Bones Which May Require Surgery

No one plans to be in a car accident, but they still occur all too often.  We hope that if we are in a car accident, that we can walk away unharmed.  But that too all too often does not happen, and there are serious injuries.  One of the most common types of injuries in an Albuquerque car accident is a broken bone or a fracture.  This type of injury can literally happen from the toes all the way to the head, and can bring a varying degree of pain and suffering, recovery time, and complications.  Many times a fractured bone will require surgical intervention to fix.

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Common Surgeries or Procedures for Broken Bones or Fractured Bones in Albuquerque Car Accidents.

There are generally two types of procedures for broken bones or fractured bones.  One if called a closed reduction, which is when the pieces of broken bone do not need to be manipulated or can be manipulated without opening up the skin to do so.  This could be when the broken bones do not separate, and crunched in, or can be “popped” back into place.  The other type of general surgery is an open reduction, which occurs when the surgeon must cut into the flesh to manipulate the broken pieces of bone to get them to heal properly.

Sometimes an open reduction will require more than just physical manipulation.  Sometimes a car accident causes such significant trauma, such as in tractor trailer truck accidents, where the bone is broken into several pieces that will just not stay together.  When his occurs, a physician may need to use medical hardware to keep the bone pieces in place.  This could be done with a plate, rod, metal bar, pins, or screws.  The hardware it put into the broken pieces of bone to keep them together while they can naturally heal.  Sometimes after the bone has healed, this hardware can be removed in a separate surgery if the patient is experienced pain or discomfortable from the installed hardware.

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