Common Hip Injuries After an Auto Accident: Albuquerque Auto Accident Lawyer Explains

Your hip is your largest joint and it is one of the most complex joints that you have.  Your hip is also one of the most important joints because it is weight bearing and, even though you have a hip on each side, when one side of your hip is injured it will affect the other hip.  While your hip joint is very sturdy, it is not impervious.  Auto accidents are common causes of hip injuries, particularly New Mexico trucking accidents.  Learn about the most common hip injuries from our Albuquerque auto accident lawyer and what it means for your case in our post here.

Common Types of Hip Injuries After a New Mexico Auto Accident

There are many different types of hip injuries which could be caused by a

Our Albuquerque auto accident lawyer knows how these hip injuries can result in catastrophic disability, significant pain and suffering, and permanent restrictions on one’s joint.  Some of the most common hip injuries after an auto accident include the following:

Fractured Hip – when bones break, it is usually a painful injury that requires a longer period of recovery.  However, when the bones that break are the hip, the pain is intense and the road to recovery is long, painful, and usually full of setbacks.  This is because the bones of the hip shoulder have to bear your weight, and if they are break it is like a broken foundation.  Many times hip fractures require surgery to repair which can prolong a recovery.

Dislocated Hip – a dislocated hip is incredibly painful and can result in damage to adjacent tendons, ligaments, and other muscle structures.  A dislocated hip is when the femur pops out of place.  The pain is intense and immediate.  If a hip is dislocated for too long, or if the hip is dislocated in such a manner that it is putting undue pressure on the blood vessels running down the leg, it could even lead to hypoxic injuries such as the loss of toes, the foot, or lower leg.  Dislocated hips are very dangerous and sometimes result in a permanent loss of range.

Torn Hip Muscles – there are many significant muscle groups holding the hip joint in place and creating its movement.  When these muscles are jolted by being stretched at a high impact, the muscles can be stretched, pulled, or overextended beyond what they are comfortable doing.  This can result in torn muscles, which could be classified as a strain.  However, torn hip muscles are painful and usually require surgical intervention because they have to move your entire body and have a lot of stress on them.

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