Common causes of truck accidents

Driving a commercial truck, and driving in the vicinity of large trucks, in New Mexico can be dangerous. Getting into an accident with this type of vehicle is often more serious than with cars due to the size and weight of trucks. Truck accidents can occur due to negligence on the truck operator’s part, but they can also happen due to lack of knowledge many drivers have in regard to how to maneuver around these vehicles. 

According to FindLaw, operating a large commercial truck takes special training and patience, and most drivers understand what it takes to drive safely. However, certain aspects of the job can increase the risk for these truck operators and lead to more accidents. Although there are regulations surrounding the number of hours a truck driver can drive in a row, the need to meet an employer’s deadline can sometimes cause a driver to work longer than he or she should, which results in fatigue. Scheduling concerns can also cause drivers to drive faster than they should, even when conditions are not ideal. Another risk factor is when companies do not offer adequate training and safety information.

Other vehicle drivers also cause truck accidents, and often this is due to their ignorance about how to drive and maneuver around them. To help, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration outlines some safety tips for drivers. They must be aware that trucks have four huge blind spots, and if drivers cannot see the truck operator in the side mirror, they are in a blind spot and should move. 

Drivers should leave adequate room between themselves and trucks, and they need to give them more room to make turns. Drivers also need to take care when passing a truck. This includes not passing on the right, giving extra space before pulling in front and not passing on downgrades.