Chemical Burn Injuries in New Mexico Trucking Accidents

Chemical Burns Caused by New Mexico Trucking Accidents on Interstates 10, 25, and 40 Can Result in Permanent and Serious Injuries

New Mexico has some of the busiest interstates in the country.  Interstate 25 and 40 pass through the busy hub of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Interstate 10 cuts through the bottom of the state including through the important city Las Cruces, New Mexico.  Some of the largest trucking companies in the United States such as the FedEx, Swift Transportation, HUB Group, Schneider National, Landstar System, Arcbest, Werner Enterprises, Prime, and other large companies use these interstates to deliver cargo throughout the country.

Given all of these companies using large commercial trucks to transport cargo throughout the United States and New Mexico, there are many serious and deadly trucking accidents.  If you or a loved one have been injured in a New Mexico trucking accident with a tanker carrying chemicals, call our experienced New Mexico trucking accident attorneys at the Mark Caruso today to learn how we can help obtain the compensation you desire for your injuries.  Call us for a FREE case evaluation by dialing (505) 883-5000.

Tanker Trucks Carrying Hazardous Chemicals Causing Serious Personal Injuries in New Mexico Trucking Accidents

Many times these large companies are using tankers to transport cargo.  These tankers could be transporting something as simple as water or even milk, but other times the cargo is hazardous and dangerous.  This includes hazardous chemicals such as acid, nitrogen, petroleum gas, chlorine, ammonia, metallic sodium, sulfur dioxide, and other hazardous chemicals.  When these chemicals come into contact with a person’s skin, it can cause excruciating pain and burns.  Severe enough burns and injuries can result in the wrongful death of a victim.

Sometimes these chemicals do not even need to come into contact with a person.  Many of these chemicals and others commonly transported give off dangerous and deadly vapors which can immediately overcome a person and knock them unconscious.  Other chemicals can cause serious burning to the face, nose, throat, and lungs, even preventing breathing.  Injuries caused by inhaled chemicals can also damage the brain and cause permanent disability.

Tanker Truck Accidents in New Mexico Causing Chemical Burns

Tanker trucks carrying hazardous chemicals are some of the worst types of New Mexico trucking accidents.  This is particularly true on interstate highways, where victims will have to survive the initial impact and then survive a chemical spill.  Victims that are trapped in a truck accident wreck and doused in chemicals could little suffer until help arrives.  This can cause horrific injuries, including wrongful death.

Many types the hazardous chemicals are also very flammable.  This can result in serious explosions or fires.  Victims trapped in trucking accidents will burn to death if they cannot get out of the vehicle because the fire takes their live.  Sometimes the explosion is powerful enough that victims do not have an opportunity to escape and are killed on the initial impact and explosion.

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