Cervical Injuries in Albuquerque Car Accidents

Albuquerque Car Accidents Can Cause Very Serious and Debilitating Cervical Injuries

Any car accident can cause serious personal injuries, even at low speeds, to the neck or spine.  This is particularly true of rear end collisions which put pressure on the spine, spinal cord, and the entire spinal column because of the whiplash motion.  The strain is particularly intense on the cervical spine which is also particularly susceptible to injury.  As a result, serious and debilitating injuries to the cervical spine (the neck) can require years of treatment and invasive surgery, including a fusion.

Here at the Mark Caruso, we understand that cervical injuries are particularly devastating, painful, and debilitating because we have handled many cervical and spinal injuries.  Our experienced Albuquerque car accident attorneys can help protect your rights to compensation and ensure your future medical expenses and pain and suffering is accounted for.  Call us today for a FREE consultation by dialing (505) 883-5000 to learn how we can help you recover what you are entitled to.  You only pay us if we win your case, and your consultation is with our attorneys is free.

Common Injuries in Albuquerque Car Accidents

The spine is meant to protect the spinal cord, and it is does a very good job at doing so.  However, the spine is also susceptible to certain motions such as whiplash motions.  This can case the spine to hyperextend and then snap back quickly.  This can cause the material in between the individual vertebrae, discs, to come out of alignment, become damaged, and put pressure on nerves radiating out of the spinal cord.  This can cause pain throughout the body.

Some common examples of cervical (neck) injuries as a result of an Albuquerque car accident includes the following:

  • Cervical disc injuries;
  • Cervical nerve injuries;
  • Cervical vertebrae fractures such as compression fractures;
  • Torn cervical muscles;
  • Cervical fusion;
  • Spinal Cord injuries;
  • Paraplegia;
  • Cervical discectomy;
  • Torn cervical ligaments;
  • Vein or artery damage;
  • Quadriplegia;
  • Torn cervical tendons;
  • Muscle strains;
  • Decreased range of motion;
  • Inability to turn head;
  • Fatigue;
  • Headaches; and
  • Other permanent and debilitating injuries.

Neck Injuries are Very Serious and Effect Everything You Do; Call us Today if you Have any Neck Injuries from Albuquerque Car Accidents!

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