Causes of Wrongful Deaths in New Mexico Trucking Accidents

Three of the Most Common Causes of Wrongful Deaths in New Mexico Trucking Accidents

There are many different causes of motor vehicle accidents.  That is because there are a variety of factors which could contribute to a collision.  These range from driver error and passenger error, to environmental such as ice or dust storms, to even mechanical errors.  Serious motor vehicle accidents can result in the death of the driver or passenger due to any factor.

One of the most dangerous types of motor vehicles accidents is a trucking accident involving a large commercial vehicle such as a tractor trailer, tandem trailer, flatbed, tanker, 18-wheeler, or other large truck.  These trucks are both large and heavy, which means they have significant force behind them when they collide with an object such as another vehicle.  Because of the sheer force, trucking accidents also result in the Albuquerque Wrongful Death of a victim.

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The Three Most Common Causes of Wrongful Deaths in Interstate Collisions with New Mexico Trucks

Speed – As with any motor vehicle, speed is a major cause of wrongful deaths in trucking accidents.  This is because these heavy and large tractor trailers build significant momentum the faster they go.  This is particularly true on the interstate highways.  Due to this momentum, the trucks require a greater stopping distance and more time to slow down to turn.  If a truck driver is not paying attention, he or she could easily fail to slow down in time which can result in a very serious trucking accident.

Drowsy/Fatigued Driving and Falling Asleep – Time is money, and truck drivers need to deliver their cargo to get paid.  The more they deliver, the more times they get paid.  Even though federal regulations and most state laws require truck drivers to sleep for a certain amount of time every day, and for truck drivers to keep an accurate log of their downtime, many truck drivers—and trucking companies—cheat the system and the regulations.  Many truck drivers will use energy pills to keep them awake to keep delivering cargo.  But sometimes this is not enough to keep a truck driver awake and the significant lack of sleep can cause a truck driver to fall asleep.  This will render a tractor trailer as an unguided missile, destroying whatever it hits.  Even if the truck driver does not fall asleep, the truck driver will still have lower reactions due to fatigue.  Truck driver fatigue is deadly and a common cause of wrongful death cases.

Impaired Driving Due to Alcohol or Drugs – Federal regulations prohibit a truck driver from consuming alcohol hours before his or her shift even starts, and also prohibits the use of any drugs—even prescriptions—which may make operating a commercial vehicle less-safe.  Yet, many truck drivers do not take these regulations seriously which result in serious injuries to others on the roadway.  Many truck drivers also resort to illegal drugs which will stimulate them and keep them awake, which is also dangerous because such drugs can alter a person’s perception, ability to react, and ability to process information.  On fact-moving interstates such as Interstate 40, Interstate 25, and Interstate 10, this can result in a life-threatening mistake.

New Mexico Trucking Accidents Causing the Wrongful Death of a Victim Need to be Represented by the Mark Caruso

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